Berry picking, depending on how you are willing to look at it, can prove to be a lot of fun. Browse through this article to know a lot more about berry picking.

Berry Picking

Berry picking need not be about just picking berries. While picking berries by itself can prove to be a lot of fun, there still is a way on how to make it a lot more fun. If this is what you are looking to do, you have arrived at the right place. Berry picking is an activity that you, your mother and maybe even whole family can try their hands at. It's the perfect game for mother's day, because it comes with the promise of increasing the love that should exist between mother and child. It also is a great way of building bonds between people or strengthening bonds that already exist. Go ahead and read on to discover instructions on how to play the game of 'berry picking'. It's a lot of fun, because no matter who wins, at the end of it, everyone gets to sample the fruits of their labor, quite literally!
  • The first thing to do when looking to play ‘berry picking' is to get to a berry farm. If you live in a city, be prepared for a long drive, because berry farms just happen to be hard to come by in cities. Make sure, that along with your mother, you have a lot of fun people to play the game with.
  • Once you arrive at the berry farm, and not too tired because of all the travelling, divide the people who are ready to play the game into two separate teams. For best results, one team can comprise just parents while the other only the kids or children. If you don't see a point in doing this, you can have two teams, with each containing both kids and parents.
  • Set a time limit and send out both teams to hunt for berries. The time limit can range from anything as little as half an hour to as much as half a day.
  • Once the time limit is done with, both teams should ‘report back to base'. Count the number of berries gathered or if this seems like a very laborious task, you can just weigh the berries. The team that comes back with the most number of berries or the berry basket that weighs the most, automatically wins the game.