Playing a game of 'Truth or Dare' can make for anyone's idea of fun. Breeze through this article to know how 'Truth or Dare' is played.

Truth Or Dare

The game is really pretty simple and maybe that is why it is so much fun. It's also the perfect game to play on mother's day, because it is the kind of game that can help two people playing it get that much more comfortable with each other. However, the game doesn't need to be played by just two people; in fact, there is no upper limit on the number of people who can play this game.

For starters, let's assume there are four people playing the game. Start off by getting the four people to form a circle and sit down on the floor or around a table. You can then spin a pen, a bottle or any object that can spin around its own axis. As soon as the object stops spinning, it will point to a particular person, the person who is in 'the line of fire' can then be asked to pick between 'truth' and 'dare'.

If 'truth' is picked, then the person will have to answer honestly to a question that can be asked by anyone else at the table. The element of truth in the game almost instantly can strengthen the bond that exists between mother and child. The best part, obviously being, that both mother and child will get their turns to ask each other questions. A word of caution: Stay away from lying while playing the game, it in a way destroys the purposes that exist behind playing the game.

If 'dare' is picked, the particular person will have to go ahead and do what he can be asked to do by the others playing the game. A word of caution again, pick dare only and only if you believe you are an extremely daring person, because once you pick dare there is no way of backing away from doing what you will be asked do. If at all you do to choose to shy away from the dare, the chances of which are high, you will only be dishonoring the game and everything it stands for.

There you go, you now know how to play 'Truth and Dare' Play the game with your mother on 'mother's day' to provide her with much needed respite from her droning schedules. To add more fun to the game, instead of playing it with just your mother, you can rope in a few of your friends and friends of your mother too!