Here is the story about Saint Valentine's Day massacre. Read about St. Valentine day massacre in detail.

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

A massacre on Valentine's Day? Yes, this was one of the incidents that rocked America in the late 1920's, during the time when major metros were controlled by gangsters. Most of these gangs crawled into the city and enticed local officials for their support which made them celebrities overnight. On the 14th of February 1929, there were two powerful criminal gangs that belonged to Chicago. These gangs opened fire and killed several people in the process. The ongoing conflicts between the south side Italian gang and the north side Irish group were the main reason for the massacre on Valentine's Day. The Italian group was led by Al Capone and the Irish team of criminals was led by Bugs Moran. Before the massacre, none of these gangsters were heard of. But after this event on Valentine's Day, Al Capone became the most sought after criminals by the American federal government. Scroll down to read more about the massacre that occurred on Valentine's Day.
  • It was the morning of Saint Valentine's Day, when five members of the Italian group, two dressed as cops, were seen. They lined seven members of Moran's group against the rear walls of a garage and fired bullets into them. These brutal killings of the gangsters shocked the American citizens. Coincidentally, on the day this incident took place, Al Capone was on a vacation to Florida.
  • Why did it happen? It was believed to have occurred as a result of planning by one of the gang members of Al Capone group called Jack McGurn to kill Moran. This was because the Irish gang had attempted to assassinate him in the past.  
  • Therefore, in order to take revenge, Jack assembled a team and lured Moran and his group mates with a deal about buying hijacked illegal liquor at bargained rates. Then the idea was to enter the building dressed like police officials and pretend to catch their illegal activities and shoot them. But the plan failed because only five out of seven members got captured. This is the tragic story of the St. Valentine massacre.
Although many incidents have shook the world, St Valentines massacre has etched a deep impact on the hearts of the people all over the world.