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Valentine's Day Superstitions

If you were under the impression that Valentine's Day is not connected to any superstitious beliefs, it's time for a reality check. There are several ancient faiths that people believed and feared at the same time. Most of them traced back to the Middle Ages in Europe. But the surprising thing was that each part of the continent had a different myth! In Britain, women would pen down a suitable groom's name and tie it to a clay ball. Then, they would sink it in water and whosever ball (with name tag) rises up first would have to marry the man. In Denmark, it is traditional to receive white flowers known as 'snowdrops' from friends. The truth about this is still unknown. Irrespective of what you believe in, when it concerns matters of the heart, don't take any risks! Read the following piece to know more about the different Valentine's Day superstitions.
  • Men and women picked up pieces of paper from a bowl containing names of persons whom they considered to be their future valentine.
  • There are superstitions associated with the kind of person they are likely to marry on the basis of the first bird one would see on the Valentine's Day. For example, if a woman caught a glimpse of a robin then it was thought that she would marry a sailor. A sparrow was considered a sign of the possibility of getting married to a poor guy. A goldfinch was known to bring fortune and likelihood of being wedded to a millionaire! Doves were believed to bring happiness as it is thought that if you see dove on the lovers' day, it is likely that you will get married to a kind hearted man. Now, if a girl saw an owl, it was ominous as she might not even get married.
  • People have also devised their own way of predicting the number of kids a person would have by blowing dandelion seeds in the air. The amount that remains intact on the stem is the number of children that they are likely to have.
Now only if you thought that lovers were not superstitious, this write-up would convince you how irrational and absurd love can be at times. However, that doesn't take away from the lovers and Valentine's Day its essence and charm.