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Valentine Hearts

'"A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, showering gifts and showing your loved ones how much you care. Talking of V-day and gifts, we cannot really miss put on the oh-so-lovey-dovey heart-shaped pendants, cards, balloons, pillows, bouquets and cakes that stacks up on the racks of every gift stores during the love season. Heart, the eternal symbol of love, care and emotions, is an important indication of love and a traditional V-day symbol as well. The red color of heart denotes intense feeling and desire. It is a common belief that whenever you like or love someone, you give out your heart to him/her. In present day, you will find valentine's gifts cards, chocolates and jewelries in the shape of heart. Pretty love hearts pillows are especially a huge rage during this time. If someone gifts you a red heart during Valentine's Day, then it is an indication that the person loves you sincerely. Read on to know more about the Valentine's Day hearts.
  • An arrow pierced heart is reckoned as the ultimate Valentine's Day symbol of love. However, do you have any idea why is it deemed so? Well, an arrow-struck heart is the symbolic manifestation of love. It is said that when Cupid, the god of love, aims his golden arrow at one's heart, the person ends up being love-struck. To give your heart to someone is like giving away your entire self and an arrow-struck heart is the perfect expression of that. The heart has been esteemed as a symbol for generosity, joy, compassion, and love for years and till date continues to be the ultimate depiction of love.
  • Another most common valentine symbol is twin hearts pierced with an arrow. This symbol apparently traces back its roots to European art and folklore. The red hued heart symbolizes intense passion and emotion, and is commonly used as an expression of deep love.
  • Heart shaped pillows, bouquets, balloons and greetings card are some of the most common symbol that we get to see during Valentine's Day. On this day, the lovers express their heartfelt feelings by gifting each other heart-shaped balloons, candies, soft toys, and miniature showpieces.
  • It's normally believed that the vein of love links the heart to the tip of the ring finger, which is why we wear our wedding rings on it.
  • Sorcerers and charmers use heart to solemnize rituals related to love, romance and relationships.
  • The “Sacred Heart” of Christ, which symbolizes truth, is worshipped in Roman Catholicism as the symbol of God's grace and love.
  • The Violet Heart represents loved ones who are sick or no more with us.
  • The graphic representation of an inverted heart symbolizes a vessel that carries love.
Valentine's hearts is replete with myriad romantic connotations and is favored by the lovers all across the globe as the ultimate symbol of their genuine affection.