It is interesting to gather love bird information. Read facts about African lovebird species.

Love Birds

Love birds are the living testimony of the most wonderful emotion on earth - love. These little parrots always seen in pairs are the ideal symbol of love, ecstasy, long-term commitment, loyalty and care. Isn't it a pleasure to watch cute, little birdies sitting in pair and cooing love? Love birds, the small African parrots with colorful plumage, derive their name of endearment from the way they sit together in pairs all day long. The way they hop and play around and closely stick to each other indeed makes for an affectionate demonstration of love. It is apparently believed that the love birds cannot survive without their mates for long and thus, have come to represent fidelity and love over the years. There is an ancient belief that on Valentine's Day these birds pick their mates. You would be surprise to know that in some parts of U.K., Valentine's Day is celebrated as 'Bird's Wedding Day'. Learn more facts about this African love bird species in this article.
  • Valentine's Day, the day of love, has for long been associated to hearts, candies, flowers, cupid, and not to forget, the very lovey-dovey love birds. It is believed that on this day, the love birds pick their mates and their association is usually a long one. Once mated, the love birds are almost inseparable, with their bond often lasting for a lifetime. Because of this, the love birds have come to connote fidelity, long-term commitment and love.
  • Wondering what to gift your mate on this V-day? Well, if you are pretty much clueless and stuck for ideas on what to gift your beau or beloved on this day, then think no far. Love birds, no matter how much trite they might sound, makes for amazing V-day gift. Besides, the idea that having love birds around can spice up the romance in your life, spruce up marriage, enhance sex life, and leave your relationship on an all time high are good enough to gift your sweetheart a cute little birdie on V-day.
  • Having love birds around is indeed a fun thing. Besides sprucing up love, these bright hued birds also make for a great playmate. Not only are they interactive and smart, these little birdies can keep you hooked by mimicking your voice and entertaining you all through.
  • There are about nine different species of love birds. These parrots come in different hues and are sometimes named after their color. For example, love birds like violet love birds, blue love birds, peach face love birds, orange face love birds, and mauve love birds are all named after their distinctly hued plumes. Now that surely leaves you spoilt for choice, isn't it?
Love birds makes for ultimate tokens of love. Gift your special someone a love bird This valentine's Day and see the magic unfurl!