Here are some ideas about Valentines party games. Read about adult Valentine Day party games and enjoy yourself.

Valentine's Day Games

You probably want to throw a big bash for your near and dear ones on this Valentine's Day! However, no celebration is complete without some fun-filled activities and adrenalin pumping games. Games are the main highlight of any party and play a crucial role in determining its success. Most forms of entertainment need to be planned prior to the main day so that its execution becomes easy. While deciding on the list of games for your party, keep in mind its interactive quotient. Do not hesitate to experiment with new games, as sometimes this could be a refreshing change from the usual drone of most parties. And yes, don't forget to reward the winners with Valentine goodie bags. This is a great way to keep your guests happy and make up for any shortcomings, if any. Read the section below and find some handy tips on Valentine's Day party games.
  • Amongst the Valentine's Day party games, the kissing game is the most popular and for obvious reasons! In this game, a time limit is set for the players wherein females have to kiss their partners on the cheek as many times as possible. The count is based on the number of lipstick marks. The couple who manages to pull off maximum kisses wins!
  • Another game involves the use of a hanky. A handkerchief is tied around the neck of a girl by her partner using only one hand. The person who manages to do it first is the winner. Simple yet fun!  
  • The next game consists of a couple of questions in which both partners are handed over a questionnaire that contains a set of questions about each other. A time limit is set and the questions are meant to be answered separately. Later, the answers are matched. The maximum number of correct answers about each other shows compatibility. Hence, the most compatible couple gets an award!
  • Another fun game is called ‘roll a ball'. Here, each of the partners is given a ping-pong ball. The guy has to roll the ball from one end of the girl's arm to the other. Then the girl rolls the ball from one end of the boy's leg to another. The winner is judged based on who completes the task, fastest.
  • Time for a paper dance! The dancing couple has to move together on a piece of paper for about 2 minutes, following which, the paper is folded in half and the dancing continues. This process is continued until one or both of the partners slip outside the paper. This automatically renders them out of the competition. The couple that dances until the end of the game on the smallest piece of paper wins the game.
Valentine's Day party games are huge fun and pep up the excitement quotient of any party. Try out these fun games in your next V-day bash and your party is sure to be a huge success.