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Tips for decorating bachelor pads by adding colors, changing lighting and adding furniture.

Decorating Bachelor Lofts

You have just begun a life as a professional in a respectable company and are on the lookout for a want a nice and trendy place to stay in. The kind of place that helps you make a statement of class is what you are looking for. Ever heard of bachelor lofts? They are also known as bachelor pads. Bachelor lofts or bachelor pads provide you with room enough to relax and even throw a party. Living in lofts began during the 1800s when struggling French artists had to survive by living and sleeping in their working spaces. This idea of survival soon moved across to the United States of America in the 1950s where poor artists had no choice but to sleep in their studios, since could not pay for separate accommodation. Today, living in lofts has become a fashion statement for the young, trendy and upwardly mobile professional. The perfect bachelor loft is one with a high ceiling and huge windows. However, care needs to be taken while buying items to fill your pad. You should ask yourself if you really need what you might just buy and also check for portability. You after all don't want frou-frou items or bulky furniture that is difficult to be moved. Please read on to find a few tips that need to be followed when looking to move into a bachelor pad.

Change The Colors Of The Walls
Change the color of the paint on your walls and your loft will get an absolutely new look. Depending on how much you want to spend, ask your friends to help or hire a professional. If you are engaging a professional you can ask him to change the texture of the walls. While doing it yourself you can use paint with different textures like linen, sandstone, denim etc. This will help give the wall a textured look. Light colors make a room look larger and vice versa. Try not to use the usual white or off-white colors, use trendy shades of soft earth tones, they really are the best.

Lighting Changes
Using the right kind of lights will highlight the decor of your room. If you live in a rented apartment it can be extremely expensive to make large changes in lighting installations. Instead you can buy elegant floor lamps, table lamps, trendy shades for ceiling lights etc. Lamps come in various shapes, sizes, colors and prices, choose your style depending on the rest of the decor of the room. You can use decorative lamps that can be placed on the floor or suspended from the ceiling or unfussy lamps to increase the appeal of your loft.

Furniture Changes
Rearranging furniture can make you realize that your loft has a lot more space than you thought it did. If you can afford to buy furniture, then you can add articles of furniture that can become the central point of a room. Here is a list of few additions that you can make:
  • Add a coffee table. Place a few coffee table books on it.
  • An end table can be placed at the end of the room and be used to display artwork, photographs etc. or can be used as a bar table or a buffet table.
  • Use a bright rug and throw some bright cushions on it.
  • Hang artwork on the walls.
  • Place an aquarium with rare fish in your room.
  • Use vases with fresh bamboo, colored stones, lemon or pears.
  • Buy a wine rack.
  • Use trendy bar stools instead of chairs in your room.
  • Change handles of doors, cabinets and closets. Use stainless steel or bronze handles; they will help add class to everything they grace.
  • Use metal racks in the bathroom to hold your towels.
  • Use decorative tiles for the kitchen floor and wall. Though it is an expensive proposition, it can still help you make a fashion statement.
  • Switch to wooden blinds from aluminum ones; a refreshing change indeed.
Make small changes to your living spaces. Only this can help it look a lot livelier and less boring. Remember, no matter how small the change, it will really help make a big difference.