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Information about fabric window treatment, install window treatment, blinds, curtains, pelmets and valances.

Fabric Window Treatment Idea

While undertaking fabric window treatment there are certain terms that you will come across again and again. It is good to have a clear idea as to what these terms mean. Given below are a list of terms and their meanings.
  • Seam - Seams are used to lengths of fabric together. The different types of seams are - Flat seam, and French seam.
  • Acorn - This is as decorative wood or brass end that is used at the end of the cords of blinds to hide the knotted ends.
  • Arched Valance - In this valance, the sides are longer than the center and the lower edge is shaped.
  • Austrian Blind - This is a gathered blind that is longer than required. The extra fabric forms ruching at the bottom of the curtain. Ruching is a ruffle or pleat at the end of the curtain.
  • Bed Valance - This is a skirt that covers the divan part of a bed from the sides to the floor.
  • Bishop's Sleeve Curtains - Curtains are made longer than required and tied securely, pulled up and flounced over the tied part.
  • Blind - This type of curtain is fixed at the top and can be pulled up from the bottom.
  • Bound Edge - This is a means of tidying up a raw edge by using bias binding.
  • Box Pleats - This is a row of fold whose direction alternates. The fabric in the folds can be gathered either in the front or the back depending on the effect to be created.
  • Braid - This is a decorative trim that can be added to curtains, sheets and valances to embellish them.
  • Bullion - This is a thick twisted trimming used as ornamentation.
  • Cafe Curtains - This curtain fits only the lower half of the window, thus giving the room privacy and light at the same time.
  • Chain Weights -This is a chain of small heavy beads encased in cotton casing used for light fabrics.
  • Combination Rods - A set of brackets with two or three curtain lengths. This is used to give a layered appearance for curtain and top treatments.
  • Envelope Curtains -Curtains that cannot be pulled back. The lower inside corners are hooked back to allow light into the room.
  • Festoon Blind -Though it looks a lot like the Austrian blinds, these blinds are ruched or pleated from top to bottom.
  • Finial - These are ornamental ends of a curtain pole.
  • Header - This is the extra fabric above a cased heading that forms a frill.
  • Lambrequin - This is a pelmet that extends down the side of the window.
  • Pelform -This is a double-sided sticky card especially made from a sticky card made especially for pelmets or tiebacks, printed with various edge patterns.
  • Pelmet - This is used to conceal the top of curtains and curtain tracks. Normally a flat panel that can be painted or covered with fabric to enhance it.
  • Pillow Sham - An ornamental pillow cover that is used in the day.
  • Puddled Curtains -These curtains are made longer than required and are allowed to gather or puddle on the floor.
  • Scarf - This is a length of fabric that is tidied and draped across the top of a window treatment.
  • Stack back - This is the amount of space occupied by the curtains when they are drawn open.
  • Tie Backs - Lengths of stiffened fabric that are fastened to the wall to hold the curtains back.
  • Valance - This is a pleated or shaped miniature curtain that is hung from the pelmet to cover the top of curtains or curtain tracks.
Making Curtains
Hanging curtains makes an ordinary door or window look elegant and pleasing. Curtains add to the Decor of the room and enhance the beauty of the room. There are different types and kinds of curtains that can be used for different rooms.

Duvet Cover
Duvet covers come in different types and patterns. They can be made at home without much trouble. Use wide fabrics. Using wide fabric will eliminate the need for seams. Use material that is easy to wash like cotton or polycotton.

Fabric Trimmings
Fabric trimmings are used as ornamentation and to enhance to beauty of the Decor of a room. Ornamental trimmings can be used to embellish pelmets, curtains, swags and valances.

Fabric For Curtains
Curtain can be made from different fabric lace, sheer, lightweight fabric, medium weight fabric or heavy weight fabric. Depending on how you want the room to look, where the curtain is to be hung and what purpose it is to serve the fabric must to be chosen.

Curtain Pelmets
Home decor is the makeover of your home interiors with regards to painting, flooring, furniture and fabric. Window treatment also forms an important part of home interiors and you cannot do away with a home decor project without getting yourself perfect windows.

Stitches For Window Treatments
Imagine a room without curtains on the windows! Does it look complete? Most probably, it won't. Proper care of our house involves a lot of steps, and one of those steps involves the proper selection of window curtains.

If you wish to do more with your curtains, but do not know what to do or when to do what, valances are the answers to your questions. In home decoration, valance refers to an ornamental drape that is attached to a curtain or a sheet to enhance its appearance.