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Here are some tips and a guide for remodeling a bath, planning bathrooms and designing a luxury bathroom.

Planning Bathrooms

Haven't you heard the humorous tale of the ancient Greek scholar - Archimedes? If you haven't, Archimedes was the man who ran the streets naked, screaming "Eureka! Eureka!" after he made a discovery on the volume of water, while in the bathtub? Bathrooms, in a way, have always been known to be the haunt of the kind of intellectuals who love spending time with their thoughts.

As amusing as it may sound, your bathroom has the ability to actually make your day. An ideal bath retreat should be spa-like and maybe even have a luxurious Jacuzzi, but even simple bathroom can help provide you with solace.

Bathrooms can help a person feel comfortable. They can be made to seem efficient and beautiful at the same time. Planning and designing a new bathroom or remodeling one that already exists, needs some careful execution. You must minimize spending and stick to plans. It is important to try getting more out of less. You can make a few 'cosmetic' changes or completely tear down the old bath and replace it with a new one. However, this depends on time, space and your budget most definitely. There basically exist two ways of going about the whole process: A step-by-step plan or finishing the complete project at once.

While taking up a task such as doing up a bathroom or building a new one, finishing the project at one go is generally preferred. This option is cheaper and a lot more efficient. You may require a spare bathroom to use when you are doing up an old one.

Remember, managing many things at once including framing, plumbing, light and faucet fittings, tiling and painting can take a toll on your pockets. The 'finishing the whole project at one go strategy' is generally adopted when looking to build new bathrooms. The 'step by step approach' is employed when looking to redo old or already existent bathrooms.

Remodeling Bath Tips

In any case, when designing a bathroom, it is important to take the following into consideration:
  • Firstly, make it a point to zero in on a spare bathroom when redoing bathrooms or building new ones.
  • Plan your budget carefully. You must include the costs of faucets, fixtures and light fittings; lumber, cabinets and finishing materials; pipes and fittings; curtains and flooring. Do not forget to put down accessories such as towels, spas and warmers and fireplaces; they can cost quite a lot too.
  • If you want to, you can retain existing features or items, you can even recycle any feature or item that looks like it can be recycled. You can get quite a number of inexpensive items at economy stores. As for expensive items, do a lot of research before actually going ahead and buying the same.
  • Architectural drafts can help you quite a lot. These come with detailed drawings and which help you visualize feature, design and decor elements.
  • Make it a point to be aware on requirements and established codes of the building, society or locality you live in. Also, check on the permission and authority letters that you may require before making the changes. Stick to rules and regulations to avoid inconveniences later.
Go ahead and create a luxurious bathroom with the help of these tips, and who knows, you might just have your own "Eureka" moment!

Bathroom Flooring
Had you been to a colleague's house lately? If yes, when there did you excuse yourself and enter his/her bathroom? As soon as you entered the bathroom did you feel like you were in a bathroom that could have easily passed off as a bathroom that belonged to a five star hotel?

Bathroom Framing Basics
Framing requirements of a bathroom can only be zeroed in on after deciding on all the features that you may need. Make a list of new walls that need to be built, old ones that need to be demolished and partition walls that need to be introduced for increased privacy.

Bathroom Lighting
You built a new home and made sure you got a luxurious bathroom attached to your bedroom. After the first night in your home sweet home, you head to your lovely, dimly-lit bathroom for a shower and you hit your elbow on the wash basin, which you failed to notice.

Cabinets & Countertops
Bathrooms have become quite important because this is where all our grooming products lie. As a result, the bathroom these days has become a storage area for a number of items such as toilet paper, hair dryers, shavers, shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Ceramic Tile
Bored of the dull, painted walls of your home? Want a glossier bathroom? Need tough but great looking floors in the kitchen? Decided to tile-work your home? Then, you might want to consider ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are glazed clay tiles that are known for their durability.

Demolition Of Old Baths & Walls
Have you been planning on renovating your bathroom to make it look like a modern one? Have you been wondering on how to demolish old baths and wall surfaces? Well, there is nothing much to worry about since destructing something is much easier than constructing something.

Desirable Bathrooms & Locality
To keep up with changing style statements, to make a small space larger or appear larger, or to just add new fixtures, remodelling a bathroom can be simply inevitable. Staying crouched in a dark cramped bath space can wear you out completely,

Drywall & Backer Board
You got your new home, you got all set to design it, you chose this and that for the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and so on. However, you got stuck when you wanted to design your bathroom. The bathroom, does it ring a bell in your head? Maybe it does.

Finishing Touches To Bath Room
You are having a corporate party at your house and you want to make sure your house looks good. So you begin by scrubbing every inch of your home sweet home and even ensuring that all those collectibles look squeaky clean.

Tips For Bathroom Fixtures
Enjoying a pleasurable and satisfying home experience is crucial to the happiness of homeowners. The excitement of having their own homes makes them want to make it look exceptional for themselves and others too.

Mechanical Systems
Gone are the days when a house was looked at as only a peaceful place to get back to and relax after work or a shelter from nature. Today, with an increase in attention given to architecture and related disciplines, and with a widening market that promotes home and living appliances,

The Perfect Bathroom Design
Spacious, airy and hygienic bathroom is what all of us dream of. Imagine how revitalizing it will be to enter an airy and spacious bathroom with elegant marble or tile surrounding and you get a sense of freshness and comfort.