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Read tips on building a house and applying for a building permit.

Building A House

After years of thinking, anticipating, saving and research you finally were able to put down the plan for your dream house. However, taking a decision to build your own house is just the first step in what can be a very long process. You can definitely afford to feel happy and enjoy the fact that you've finally reached a point in your life where you can think of laying the foundation of your own house. Unfortunately or fortunately, there are a number of things that will have to be taken care of and done in order to actually finalize the plan and to see your idea materialise into reality. It is probably one of the most significant step one takes in life and also the most exciting one. The picture of providing your loved ones with their dream place to live can definitely be thrilling, but even the slightest of deviations from your plan can cost you gravely. These simple tips on building a house will guide you carefully through the entire process and will make it look quite simple and pleasurable.

Building A Home
  • The first step involved in the process of building a house is to search for the finance to cover up for expenses. You can approach a bank or a mortgage company to grant you a loan.
  • Before you approach banks and mortgage groups for funds, you will have to decide on the amount of money required to give life to your plan. You can consult a professional to help you out with your house budget. Include everything in the budget from fencing to landscaping to essential appliances and furniture required.
  • If finance is not a problem for you and if the plan for your house is ready, the first important thing to do is search for a suitable plot. The plot you search for should complement the plan you framed. The plan however should be made after taking into consideration your budget and the lifestyle of your family. You can also hire an architect to help you out with your plan or design, keeping in mind your budget of course.
  • Once the budget and the building plan are ready, you will have to make copies and send it to various offices that will approve the plan and will accept to finance it. A copy might also be required for sub traders who will use them to quote the cost of their services.
  • While the plan is being verified you can call in for quotations from various reputed companies for different sub trades. It is always beneficial to have in hand more than one quotation to choose from, since it will help you pick up the best deal and will save you from quite a number of complications.
  • You must apply for a residential building permit right after the subdivision approves your plan. You will have to apply at the city hall with a copy of your plan and a plot plan. These plans will focus on the area your house will be located in and its position. It takes few weeks for the permit along with which you will be provided with a list of conditions to be met.
House Budget Estimation
If you wish to achieve your goals in life, a lot hinges on the monetary means at your disposal. Undoubtedly, money is a major benchmark for power. Throughout school and college we are expected to focus on a career that is lucrative in the long run. Money once earned is undoubtedly spent on various big and small things.

Home Exterior
It is said that the first impression is the last impression, and this holds true with our homes too. Can an outwardly shabby or drab looking house look welcoming or inviting? In all likelihood, it will not. This is because the first thing to be seen is the home exterior and needless to say, a great deal depends on it.

Building Foundation
"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau An indispensably integral structure of any construction, the foundation, carries deep implications with respect to the overall structure of a building.

House Framing Tips
Do you get tensed thinking about the work involved in the framing of your new house? The very thought of something going wrong while framing the house is pretty scary, since once framing begins the work will only increase with every progress made.

Home Interior
If you thought home interiors are all about putting up random items, making your home look pretty and wowing your guests, think again. Picture yourself cringing when you see the walls being stripped down in order to place a burglar alarm that you forgot to install!