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Read tips and ideas on decorating first homes, decorating first apartment and dorm decorating ideas.

Decorating First Homes

Decorating first home is often very challenging to the new couple or single homeowner. Most of the people can only afford sterile-looking apartment units or tiny homes at the beginning stages of their lives that have few or none architectural advantages to flaunt. However, decorating your first apartment is also about giving a personal touch to your home, buying furniture and furnishing that is stylish, functional, efficient, fits into small rooms, versatile and yet inexpensive. Here are some tips that you can use to make your home a retreat for yourself while accommodating all the necessary comforts of life:
  • Choose the theme of home Decor and stick to a similar look in all the rooms and areas for harmonious and rhythmic flow and balance throughout the home.
  • Get inspired by home decoration mags, events, shows and serials to choose the home style that you love.
  • Most people opt for rustic, contemporary, casual, traditional, sleek, modernistic, minimalist, regional or period Decor styles.
  • Once you have decided on a theme, try to choose your assets, furniture pieces, furnishings, accents and accessories in keeping with the theme, though a piece or two of mismatched items is perfectly okay.
  • For small apartments, loft living and tiny homes, it is best to stick to maximum of three colors, patterns or styles to keep the serenity of the home environment rather than going for a riot of colors that makes your home look like a chaos. Differ in only one of these things to maintain the better synchronization.
  • Scale of furniture should be chosen according to the room size, doorframe size and elevator size for greater movability. Put less and versatile furniture in a small room such as chest of drawers that can serve as countertop too or an ottoman with hidden storage area for greater efficiency in less space.
  • You can also make a combo of one or two leather furniture items with wooden table and sleek modernistic chairs that can be stacked on top of the other in the corner to make more space when needed.
  • You may choose loveseats instead of sofas for small rooms or sofas with no arms to make the room look more spacious.
  • Cheap inexpensive home Decor pieces available at vintage and antique shops, flea markets, auctions, thrift shops, secondhand and recycle shops and garage sales can be used creatively to make your home look like a studio for a fraction of the cost. These places are good resources for unwanted and rare items that are still in good condition or need only minor changes or repairs.
  • Long-lasting, stylish and versatile furniture piece is something you can invent your bucks or buy a good quality old furniture piece and paint, polish, repair, reupholster or wax it to make it shine like new.
  • Keep swatches of fabrics and colors you would like along with pictures of the pieces you would really like for home with you while shopping for home Decor furniture and furnishings so everything new available in the store doesn't tempt you.
  • Allot some shelves of the bookcase or the entertainment center or the wall to display your collectibles, for a pretty home makes you feel proud of it and is much more inviting when you come back to it from work. You may also like to install a small fireplace for colder climates to add warmth to home Decor.
Loft Decor
Are you living in a loft, thinking that you are living in a state of misery? Don't crib! Lofts are the in-thing today. They can go on to help you make your style statement even! However, you must have a knack for using the available space in your loft, in the best ways possible.

Choosing Beds
Standard sized beds are generally categorized as single, twin, extra-long twin, full, double, queen, king, California king, eastern king and western king that have their own distinctive and defined bed sizes.

Decorating Balcony
It was from the balcony that Juliet called out, "O' Romeo, O' Romeo! Where are you, Romeo?" as she stood there waiting for him every night. It was from the balcony that several plays were applauded. Now...it's a Sunday morning! Wouldn't you love to stretch your legs on the table while sipping a cup of coffee in your balcony?

Handling Space Issues
It is not always an asset to have a large house to live life peacefully and serenely. In fact, a home larger than you actually need becomes a burden and needs much more maintenance, cleaning, dusting, mopping, washing, ironing and polishing.

Tips For Novices
For the novices who have just been out of their parents' homes, ready to start their own lives, we have come up with tips and ideas for the decoration of their first home or apartment.

Rented Home Decor
Renting an apartment does not mean that we are doomed to live like a monk or a dormitory where you sleep and eat but your heart is not at rest. While homeowners may object to doing permanent changes you can always use temporary and inexpensive furnishings to make the rented apartment decor reflect your personality and style.

One-Room Mansion
Living in a single room or a one room apartment or a small studio apartment is quite challenging and living comfortably in one means that you must know the tricks how to make a small space feel more spacious and airy and combine efficiency, comfort, function,