Home Decor
There is a need for a proper home color scheme to give your house the perfect look. Read about different elements of color, interior color scheme and exterior paint scheme.

Home Color Scheme

When it comes to home decorations, one thing that is of prime importance is the home color scheme that includes interior colors and exterior paints. You might be blessed with the best of home furnishings, but if they are not in proper harmony it can all go to waste. While choosing your color scheme, due consideration should be given to the space available, furnishings and your personal taste.

If you don't know how to go about different color schemes, you can start by collecting together as many illustrations as you can on interior design color. Get books, magazines, brochures - as many as you can find, basically. Magazines serve this purpose best, since you can find several pictures of sample interior themes, interior colors and exterior color ideas which might just appeal to you. You can even cut them out. Once you have a good collection, make a list of all the sample illustrations that you like. Don't try to analyze them at this stage; once you realize you like a particular picture, just put it aside. Do this for all the samples you like. Collect them all and put them away separately. After a day or two, bring them out and observe them carefully. You'll probably find that out of all the illustration samples, there are only some which really stand out. Then, ask yourself why you like these illustrations in particular. You may notice that you tend to like particular color shades. You may observe that most of the pictures you collected have variants of these colors in them. Start looking for similarities in the illustrations you have chosen. This will give you an idea of the sort of interior color schemes you tend to like best. With a little more observation, you may find that you not only like the colors, but also the styles. The room settings may be elegant, or traditional, or eclectic. Give those illustrations more thought.

There are different elements of color, so it's crucial to acquire knowledge on them and then choose your decorative color accordingly. Neutral shades like beige, fawn and light gray are the best for creating balance and harmony. If you are looking for a cool and refreshing appearance, you can choose soft pastel shades. Contemporary pastel colors are commonly preferred to enhance the beauty of many bedrooms these days. This concept of harmony can be met in two distinct ways. You can either look out for neutral shades or go in for contrasting bold colors.

Color selection also depends on the place which needs to be renovated. Shades of your bedroom cannot be applied to your office. For residential purposes, there are shades which are distinct from the commercial ones.Color also reflects moods. Red is a color indicative of excitement, anger and passion. While blue, especially sky blue denotes patience and calm. Yellow is a color that is often associated with thus sun, thus representing warmth. Green is more cozy and refreshing. Keep these pointers in mind and you are sure to choose the right home scheme color. So go ahead and make your home a blissful place to live in.

Paint Color Wheel
Red? Uh-huh! Too bright. White? Too plain. Pink? It's a house! Not a candy! So, you're done with getting your house constructed and all that remains is to have your house painted. Picking out paint colors is not an easy affair.

Color Principles
It is quite impossible to think of a world without colors. Colors have always been a part of our lives, used as signs, as a language, as symbols and as the reflections of our moods and attitudes. There are millions of shades and color tones in the market to choose from,

Color Principles For Painting
It is an undeniable fact that colors have a significant bearing on our minds and moods. In fact, there are some colors associated with particular moods. For instance, you can feel the blues; you can go green with envy, get red in the face,

Choosing Colors For Home
The color you choose to paint your room with is the reflection of the colors in your life. The color you choose can influence your moods, your attitude and even your lifestyle. You might ask yourself, if the color I choose is the replica of my mood then why is it so difficult to pick up the right color?

Paint Color Combinations
When it comes to beautiful shades, you may be astonished to discover the exotic variety of home paint colors that crowd the market. Gone are the days when a single color shade was selected to paint the entire house and a bright tone was considered negative and outrageous.

Color Cues
Imagine how lackluster life would be if there didn't exist something as interesting as colors. Everywhere we look, we see color. Colors infuse joy and happiness in our lives and in fact make it worth living. Each color brings with it a unique feel and affects our minds differently.

Interior Paint Colors
Have you been planning on splashing some interior paint colors on the drab white walls of your house, but have been apprehensive due to the confusion pertaining to the choice of color? It might sound quite simple to just pick up a color,