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It is a good decision to study abroad in Canada. Lean some facts about the Canadian educational system and some essential information that you need to go through while deciding to study in Canada.

Study in Canada

Canada is a hot-choice for the student aspirants nowadays. Canadian educational system is famous for its quality and world-wide recognition and so, an academic certificate from a Canadian Institute add value to your profile. The country boasts to hold an array of institutions which are ethically bound to provide high quality education with the aid of all modern amenities and facilities which provides the most comfortable learning atmosphere for the students. This makes Canada one of the most sought after study destinations in the world. It is a fact that the number of student immigrants in Canada is as high as about130,000 per year and the country welcomes all of them with promises for good future. Canada, which is the second largest country in the world by area, is blessed with diverse geography which is enriched by lush cost line, glorious rocky mountains and large extends of grass lands. This provides the most wonderful outdoor experience for the students. The country has a great tradition, unique culture and a highly supportive society which provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere for a foreign student to stay. More facts about Canadian education are given in the following section of this article. Read on!

Education Programs In Canada

Education In Canada
In Canada, education sector is regulated by each separate provincial government. Each separate province has individual education ministries to take care of the education sector of that particular province and hence there are significant differences between the educational systems of two provinces. The individual education ministries supervise district school boards which in turn supervises individual schools. The Canadians value education very much and hence the standard of education is maintained high throughout the country.

Admission For Foreign Students
International students should pass standardized tests like GMAT, ToEFL, IELTS etc. according to the terms of the university and course they choose. Admission procedures should be started at least 6 to 7 months prior to the expected date of admission. Student has to apply directly to the desired university. Application can be availed either by requesting through telephone/ email or it can be downloaded from the website of the university. Filled form will be cross checked by the university admission committee or other concerned department. If the profile meets the eligibility criteria, the university will send an offer letter.

The tuition fees vary according to the university and the course selected. However, the country allows you to work while you study so that you earn some money with which you can support the finance needed for your study as well as accommodation. There are scholarships available for international students but, you will have to face fierce competition to avail those scholarships.Fees are usually collected at the beginning of the year and one installment generally covers two semesters (8 months). There are numerous options available for accommodation at arrange of rents.

Most of the universities in Canada offer residences which are located close to the classes and library so that the students can utilize these facilities to the maximum. Students can choose off campus residence options as well. There are numerous housing opportunities off the campus. off campus housing opportunities include rooms, apartments, shared apartments, houses etc. Many of these rooms and apartments are furnished. The rent of a furnished room ranges between $350 and $500 while that of furnished apartment ranges from $ 650 to $ 1200 and of course sharing can reduce the rent considerably. Paying guest option is also available.

Essential Documents
You should possess a valid passport to apply for any course abroad. Apply for student visa once you get conformation of admission. Visa application should be submitted to the consulate. Apart from visa you need to have copies of documents like academic certificates, health insurance and travel insurance. Document proving that you have sufficient finance to support your studyis very important.You should carry copies of recent passport size photos along with you. Generally, you will be provided with details of all necessary documents along with the letter of conformation. It is important that you cross check the documents to make sure that you didn't miss any.

Famous Universities/Colleges In Canada
  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • McMaster University
Canada is a truly wonderful place to live and learn. Enjoy your life and explore new areas of life. Wish you all the best.