Study Abroad
Know health tip and advice for study abroad students in a foreign country and tips for general safety to students studying overseas.

Health & Safety Tips

Being healthy is a major subject of concern for students studying abroad. If you research on the health risks prevalent in your destination country before leaving your homeland, you stand a better chance at keeping yourself fit. Adapting to the local living and eating habits, keeping yourself physically and mentally fit by taking proper and nutritious diet and staying away from stress are the basic few advices that you can get. However, if you are suffering from any kind of disease or if there is a general disease that affects almost all the people who go to that particular country, then more precaution and attention is required. You can ask the embassy to provide you with the numbers and addresses of hospitals and doctors of the city where you intend to stay. And even before that, make sure that you have taken all the regular vaccinations. Along with being healthy, safety is also very important. You must keep all the emergency contact numbers such as hospital, police station with you. If you are undergoing some kind of trouble, don't hesitate to discuss it with your Director or Dean. Always stay alert and aware of what is happening around you and your stay should turn out pleasant.

Health Advice In A Foreign Country
Good health is essential while you are on your own in a different country altogether. Here are a few tips that can help you protect your health abroad.
  • Students must follow good eating habits and lifestyle to keep themselves away from diseases and infections.
  • If you are going under some kind of medication then consult your doctor before coming to the new place and bring a complete dose of the medicines so that you are not stuck without them in the new country. Also, always carry your prescription for any customs check that might be done on your medicines.
  • Avoid eating under-cooked meat or raw food because it can cause food contamination. Drink boiled or mineral water to avoid stomach infections and other illnesses like Hepatitis A etc.
  • Health means not only physical but also mental well-being. Hence, students must know how to deal with stress and keep themselves happy and healthy.
  • Carry some vital medicines, adhesive bandages and sterilized syringes in your first-aid box always.
  • Different countries have different health insurance schemes. In New Zealand, health insurance is included along with the university program. It comprises medical evacuation, hospitalization, surgery, emergency dental services and change in vision services. However, other countries are not quite as convenient. So, find out all that is there about health insurance and be ready with the paper work, if required.
Tips For General Safety For Students Studying overseas
Here are some helpful tips which can help you stay safe while you pursure your education in a foreign country.
  • Never go out of your home without a personal safety device like a pepper spray or a Swiss knife with you.
  • Don't forget to lock your home whenever you go out.
  • Don't allow the strangers to come in to your home.
  • Keep proper information about the public transport. Avoid hitch-hiking!
  • Always keep your student identification details and passport with you.
  • Do not display large amount of cash while travelling or hanging out in a group.
  • At night, go through busy streets and avoid subways and empty parks.
  • Always carry emergency contacts with you. Apart from this, it is important to carry your insurance card with you.
  • Before going and while abroad, stay updated on current events of the country including issues that can affect your health and safety.
  • Alcohol pulls down your self-consciousness and sense of judgment which can expose you to a lot of problems, so avoid taking drugs and alcohols at all costs.
Taking care of yourself maybe a little difficult without your loved ones around you but with a little attention and caution, you can manage a wonderful job of it.