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Know more about visa and document requirements for students going abroad and student visa evidence requirement.

Visa Requirements

Students deciding to study abroad will have to apply for a student visa after they get admission in a university or institution of the foreign country. A visa is a permit to enter into a foreign country. Usually, documents that are required to apply for a visa includes details of owing money, health insurance, health fitness and character certificates, documents related to the exclusions in health insurance, details of accommodation in the new country.For students less than 18 years of age,along with these documents, their custodial agreement details are also needed. Different documents related to the details of your education and other important things are required at the time of applying for visa. Processes and requirements differ from country to country for the application of a student visa, and in some countries the process is more difficultand challenging. Here you will get the complete information on how to apply for a visa and what are the requirements for it.
  • Apply for the visa at least two months before your departure date. Don't keep any work for the last moment.
  • You must not be suffering from any kind of diseases. You must be physically and mentally fit and healthy. People suffering from AIDS or HIV are not permitted to enter the foreign country.
  • Any kind of criminal behavior can send you to the jail or exile. You must be law-abiding.
  • Besides this you should be able to prove your age, educational and career qualifications and experience, fulfill language requirements, meet the financial requirements or whether you are an exception to minimum financial requirements and other relevant things.
  • Student visa applicants must meet the satisfaction of the consular officer and they (consular officers) should be confirmed that you will leave that place when your studies get over.
  • A valid passport and a letter of acceptance from the educational institution is another set of important documental evidence that the students will need to get the visa.
  • You also need to carry several documents such as medical evaluation or doctor's letter confirming to your health, student ID card, photographs, financial documents, academic qualification documents, mark sheets and national criminal background check report.
  • While living in a foreign country you will have to proof that you are able to pay your expenses by your own.
  • To confirm that you have all the suitable documents, check with the embassy or consulate officer of the foreign country for particular and detailed information on their requirements on applying for visa.
  • The fee and timeline for getting the visa differs from country to country. So please check about it by going to the consulate.
  • In some countries you will be asked to apply at your nearest consulate, while in others they will ask you to apply online or by sending an email.
  • They will also ask you to come for an interview round to ask some important questions regarding your qualification, age, address and the reason of going abroad. So be prepared for the interview and behave with proper etiquettes in front of them.
  • Visa varies from country to country for example Australia has seven kinds of visa depending on the different situations and USA has F1, J1 and M 1.
  • If you are applying in a language course in abroad you will have to give proof for your proficiency in that very language at the time of applying for visa.
This is the detailed information about visa and document requirements for students going abroad and student visa evidence requirement.