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Read about information on LSAT preparation. This information on LSAT test Prep is specially useful for students appearing in LSAT test from India.

LSAT Preparation

Practice is the key to getting a good score in LSAT. As games or puzzles make for the 'scoring section' of the test, start your preparation by solving puzzles that feature in good magazines or books. Generally, these games or puzzles are intended to assess the logical, analytical and reading skills of the candidates. Many of the questions have diagrams also, and hence you will have to work harder to solve different types of puzzles. This will also help you increase your speed. You can practice with sample tests, which will help you familiarize yourself with test directions and questions too. This will help you to focus more on answering the questions on the day of the examination, rather than getting distracted and spending time on how to answer a particular question. Gathering information about test-taking techniques and question types can also prove to be useful. Take mock tests under actual time limits. This will help you estimate how much time is required to answer a particular type of question. Read on!

LSAT Test Preparation

LSAT Preparation Tips
  • Register yourself in one of the LSAT mock-test centers and take up as many mock tests as possible. This will help you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses and instill the necessary confidence in you to face the exam. After assessing your weaknesses, start working on them. Simply speaking, LSAT doesn't test academic knowledge; it is more a test of logical reasoning and reading comprehension ability of the candidates.
  • There is no such thing as negative marking. Try and answer all questions and don't leave out any answers.
  • Get accustomed with logic. Use basic logic text books to recognize common logical fallacies.
  • Try to organize or jot down your ideas before you start off with your writing samples. Remember, your essay should have good clarity and should reflect an effective organization of thoughts.
  • Ensure that you have enough information to support your argument.
  • The analytical section can be a bit tricky. Ensure that you read and understand the conditions carefully. You can use a diagram to understand the relationships in the "game” or question.
  • You should have a strong foundation in logical reasoning and common logical fallacies while preparing for the logical reasoning section.
  • The reading comprehension section will need the candidate to extract information from the given passage and answer questions accordingly. So, read the passage carefully and only use information provided in the piece to answer the question. Don't use your own opinion or experience to answer these questions.
  • It's very critical to read the information given and answer the question based on the information given, not based on your assumption.
  • You may not get much time for rereading information. So work hard at reading on how to focus your attention and read actively.
  • Subject knowledge will help you get faster in the reading comprehension sections. Attending classes for LSAT preparation in an organized way for minimum of two months is advisable. Don't spend too much time on any particular question. If you are stuck to a particular question, leave it and move on to the next one.
Important Tips
  • Remember, you don't need to answer every question correctly to get through the test.
  • You can give 2-3 wrong answers and still score around 180. About 15-17 correct answers will get you to 120 and after that each correct answer will fetch you about 2 points.
Sample LSAT Question
Struthers College has built its reputation for academic excellence largely on significant contributions from wealthy alumni who are avid fans of the school's football team. Although the team has won more national championships over the years than any other team in its division, this year it did not even win the division title, and so Struthers College can expect to see a decline in alumni contributions next year.

The above argument relies on which of the following assumptions about Struthers College?

(A) The college's reputation for academic excellence depends on the performance of its football team.
(B) Contributions from alumni are needed for the college to produce a winning football team.
(C) Some Struthers alumni contribute to the college because they enjoy seeing its football team win.
(D) The college's football team will continue its losing streak next year.
(E) As a group, the college's alumni will have at least as much discretionary money to give away next year as this year.

Correct Response: C