There are a lot of superstitions, beliefs and myths surrounding Christmas, most of which have a pagan origin. Read on to know more.

Christmas Superstitions

Many interesting and enigmatic events have long been associated with Christmas. In the olden days, people believed in some practices for prophesying their future. Also, there were instances when something good or bad happened owing to certain settings, and these instances then led to more superstitions. With the passage of time, they became beliefs and people started undertaking activities that supposedly led to good fortune and avoided the ones promising vice versa. Many such superstitions are associated with Christmas as well.

For instance, kissing under the mistletoe is popular custom and whosoever does not follow this is likely to invite bad lack. Christmas tree is a cornerstone of all the beliefs, without which Christmas celebrations are not possible in many countries; it is considered the God's tree. Christmas tree is usually a fir tree which is evergreen and was used in the ancient times to build houses. Having a Christmas tree also promises vegetation in the upcoming year. In some places, Holly branches are placed on the doorways. It is supposed to protect the families against witches. The interesting part about all these practices is that most of the customs have different implications and interpretations in different regions.