Do you want to know about Christmas around the world? Read on for information on Christmas traditions and celebrations around the world.

Christmas Around The World

Christmas is celebrated on a grand scale all around the world. If you think that Christmas is restricted only to Santa Claus, the reindeers and the snow, then think again. Christmas may be a universal festival but is in fact tweaked to supplement the folklore and the customs of every country. Celebrated on the 25th of December, there might be over a billion customs and celebrations owing to the varying regions and traditions. Many countries even have different gift-givers. Though Santa Claus may be considered a ubiquitous Christmas symbol and character, each country prides in its own characters, who brings gifts to children on different days. 'Baboushka' is the traditional gift-giver of Russia and Christkind is supposed to be the gift-giver for Austria and a few parts of Europe.

Just as the names of these characters are diverse, so are their gift-giving techniques and styles. Between the end of November to mid-January, there are multifarious Christmas customs carried out all over the world! From Australia to Norway and Finland to Lebanon, Christmas is celebrated magically all over the world. Whether the feasts include roast turkey or 'Boulettes', whether people sing carols outside the houses on Christmas Eve or prefer to head out to the beach on Christmas, there is an ocean of customs, celebrations and traditions that sets each country apart. What remains the same through these diverse Christmas customs is the spirit, the unity and the love. There may not be snowfall in one country, and in another people might not get time to move away from the fireplace, but Christmas is one such festival, that brings together family and friends to rejoice the birth of the Lord and to spread the magic of the festival. Everywhere around the world, Christmas spreads a universal message - a message of peace, humility, devotion and togetherness. Merry Christmas!