Here are some ideas about the storyline of the top child book on Easter, 'Easter mice' by Bethany Roberts.

Easter Mice

It is Easter and you are stuck for ideas on what to gift the tykes this year. Forget the fanciest truffles and the usual candy baskets and gift the young ones something that is both fun and informative. Just like jellybeans and chocolates, Easter books also make for great gifts. During Easter, the bookstalls teem with Easter classics that are a delight to read and gift. Of all the Easter books that you will find on the stands, one of the evergreen Easter classics is the 'Easter Mice'. Written by Bethany Roberts and illustrated by Doug Cushman, this storybook is one of the top selling Easter books, widely adored for its vividly illustrated pages and rhymed texts. The plot line of the book revolves around a mother mouse and her three little sons who go out hunting for Easter eggs. The youngest mouse is so deflected by the beautiful spring morning that he forgets to look for eggs until he trips-up on an egg that turns out to be very special. The story is simple yet captivating and the rhymed texts just add to its appeal. So, what are you waiting for? Parents and grandparents who want to throw a pleasant surprise at their dear little ones can head out to their favorite bookstore and grab a copy of this favorite Easter book. 'Easter Mice' is an ideal gift for tiny tots who fall in the age group of 3 to 6 years. To know more about 'Easter Mice', scroll down.

The story of 'Easter Mice' reel around three young mice, who leave home with their mother in search of Easter eggs on one fine spring morning. All three siblings split ways and go in different directions to look for their prize and bring back home the best egg. The youngest of them all, however, is so much smitten by the splendor of the spring day that he whiles away his time basking in nature's beauty until he realizes that it is too late to go out in search of eggs and that he must return home empty-handed. On returning, he sees that all his brothers have brought home eggs while he is the only one who had returned empty. Terribly upset, the little mouse leaves home and decides to go out and look for Easter egg. Soon his perseverance pays off. While wandering down the lanes, he stumbles on an egg that eventually turns out to be very special and apparently the best of the lot.

Right from the beginning of this simple yet appealing story, readers find themselves rooting for the youngest mouse and the happy conclusion just adds to the delight of the whole reading experience. This book, with its zippy rhymes, beautiful narration, vivid illustrations, and simple plot line succeeds to keep the kids hooked to it. To cut the long story short, 'Easter Mice' makes for an excellent read.