Here are ideas about the child storybook for Easter, called the golden egg book written by Margaret Wise Brown.

Golden Egg Book

Wondering what to gift your child this Easter? Grab a copy of the 'Golden Egg Book' from the nearest bookstore and delight your young ones with a gift they will cherish forever. 'Golden Egg Book' is a beautifully expressed child storybook, brilliantly composed by Margaret Wise Brown and excellently illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. First published in the year 1947, 'Golden Egg Book' remains as one of the most adored works of Easter literature till date and is the perennial favorite Easter book of parents and kids. 'Golden Egg Book' doesn't have too many characters and is easy to comprehend. The story revolves around a cute bunny, which stumbles on a curious looking egg and strives hard to unravel the mystery behind it. As you flip through the pages of the storybook, the suspense escalates as the bunny tries every possible trick to break the egg and find out what is inside it. 'Golden Egg Book' is the perfect gift you can pass on to your children for Easter gifts. The ending is surprising and surely brings a smile on your face. To get detailed information on 'Golden Egg Book', scroll down the article further.

"Once there was a little bunny. He was all alone. One day he found an egg. He could hear something moving inside the egg. What was it?" Thus, begins the classic story of the 'Golden Egg Book'. The story revolves around a cute little bunny and his capers with an unhatched egg. The parable unfurls with a little bunny stumbling on a queer looking blue egg that gets him hooked. Intrigued by the gorgeous looking egg and the faint hustle inside it, the bunny tries hard to discern what could be inside it. His imagination runs a riot in his attempt to assume what could be inside the egg. Unable to contain his curiosity, he makes all possible attempts to break the egg. He rocks, stirs and even jumps on the egg in an effort to break it. Nevertheless, the egg refuses to move or crack. Finally, after having tried every possible way to budge the egg but miserably failing in his efforts, the bunny decides to sit back and wait and watch. By the time he falls asleep, the egg begins to crack. The mystery resolves when the egg eventually hatches and a little duckling comes quacking out of it, much to the bunny's surprise. The story ends with the duck and the bunny becoming good friends.

The 'Golden Egg Book', with its lively narration and lush watercolor illustrations, manages to woo the interest and imagination of every kid. Not only does the story manage to thrill the tiny toddlers and leave behind a lasting impression on their minds, but the vivid illustrations succeeds to send their imagination whirling wild. The 'Golden Egg Book' is best suited for kids between 3 to 7 years of age. Present this priceless golden edition to your kids and see them jump with joy at the adventures of the bunny rabbit.