Here are ideas about the Easter bunny book called 'the story of the Easter bunny' by Katherine Tegen.

The Story Of The Easter Bunny

Cute little bunnies have always been closely related to the Easter festival. Be it bunny baskets, cards or eggs, bunny products are usually a huge rage during this annual springtime festival. A plethora of Easter bunny themed books make its presence felt on the stands in the bookstores during Easter. 'The Story of the Easter Bunny' composed by Katherine Tegen and illustrated excellently by Sally Anne Lambert happens to be one of the popular selling Easter storybooks of all times and is a perfect gift for the young tykes. This book tells you the story of a bunny rabbit and his early years and how he grows up to become the famous Easter bunny. The delicate watercolor images along with the incredible plot make the reading experience magical and real. The attractive cover page showing the adorable bunny pulling a cart filled with sugary, brightly colored Easter eggs is good enough to tempt you to grab a copy and read the whole content. So, the next time you are gifted with an Easter gift basket, you know whom to thank for those brightly colored eggs. Explore the article further to find out more about 'The Story of the Easter Bunny'.

"On a snow-cold day in a snug little house..." Thus, begins the story of a cute, little bunny who eventually goes on to gain fame as the Easter Bunny. The storybook revolves around a little white rabbit who helps an old couple to make and color Easter eggs and distribute the Easter goodies in the village. Every year, during annual springtime, the old couple had this tradition of braiding baskets and making, and dyeing colorful eggs for Easter and presenting them to the young village kids. Their pet rabbit, who was highly intrigued by what he saw, took great interest and effort to learn the process very closely. In fact, he was so fascinated by the idea that one Easter morning, when the old couple was asleep, he crept in and braided the baskets and made some eggs. Not only this, he also took great efforts to deliver these gifts to all the village kids. Soon the kids got to know about the cute, kind rabbit who brought them their lovely Easter sugar eggs. With his identity revealed, the bunny left the old couple and set up a shop in the woods together with some of his furry little friends. Thus, the Easter bunny was born.

There is no denying that Easter bunny is the most adored Easter symbols implying fertility and new life and 'The Story of the Easter Bunny' just helps to make us infer his importance. Katherine Tegen spins her storybook around an original tale that throws light upon the origin of one of Easter's favorite characters, the Easter bunny. Sally Anne Lambert's delicate yet detailed paintings just add to the delight of the storybook. Of all the Easter books known to us, Katherine Tegen's riveting storybook definitely tops the list of favorites. The bouncy rhymes, vivid illustrations and the touching message conveyed in the storybook barely fail to impress.