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A Chair For My Mother

"A chair for my mother" is a heart touching book that you can gift to your mother on mother's day. The book expresses the beautiful relationship that a child and mother share with each other. This is a very popular book that sells like hot cakes on the special occasion of mother's day. The book has been charmingly illustrated by Vera B. Williams, who makes use of her own pleasant, folk-art inspired paintings to make reading very enjoyable for children. Vera Williams creates a plot revolving around the family of a young girl called Rosa, her mother and her grandmother. Through the heart-warming story line the author brings forth the important values of saving and working together towards a common goal. The story has been inspired by the author's personal life experiences. A chair for my mother presents a language consisting of bouncing rhymes and brilliant expressions that makes the book stand apart from others.

The story is about the three main characters that of a mother, a grandmother and a daughter called Rosa. The mother works hard in a diner as a waitress, and the daughter helps her mother at the diner after school. The girl along with her mother put their savings in form of tips in a big jar every evening when they return home from the diner. The grandmother also contributes to the saving of the family from whatever bargain she gets in the market.

The story brings forth the critical financial status of the family and the way they work in unison to fulfil their one dream, that of purchasing a comfortable and big chair, on which the mother could relax after a hard day's work at the diner. The family wanted to purchase a big and comfortable chair because their previous house was burnt to ashes due to a fire that broke down, not leaving any items behind. The family had to shift into an empty apartment. Fortunately their friends and neighbours gifted some furniture for their new apartment downstairs, but no one brought anything as comfortable as the chair the family was dreaming to purchase.

This process of the mother, daughter and grandmother working hard and saving every penny continued for days together till the time the jar was full of coins. When finally the jar was full, the coins were rolled out and in the crowning moment of the book, the mother, daughter and grandma set out to search for the comfortable chair in four different furniture stores. After carefully scrutinizing all the four stores and after trying out various chairs, the family find the kind of chair they have been dreaming of and for which the family worked together to save every penny.