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Mothering Without A Map

"Mothering without a map" by Kathryn Black is a very interesting book. This can prove to be an inspiring and motivating gift for a mother on the occasion of mother's day. Read through the following sections to learn more about this book.

"Mothering without a map" a book by Kathryn Black is a book that reassures would be mothers, who themselves did not have mothers for certain reasons that they can be good mothers. This book helps women who did not get love from their mothers because they were not physically present when the individual concerned was growing up. This was either because the mother was dead or because the parents concerned were separated. It is a top selling book which inspires women to experience the most beautiful feeling, the feeling of being a complete woman that is of being the mother of a child. The book has the capability to touch your heart. The protagonist of the book, the author herself pens down her experience of having a sick mother when she was as young as four years old and then eventually losing her after two years. Instilling faith and boosting confidence in women, this book provides a ray of hope in insecure and worried would be mothers. Therefore, if you know someone who needs confidence in believing that they can be good mothers, 'mothering without a map' can prove to be bible for them.

Almost every woman looks for inspiration in her mom to become an ideal woman and an ideal mom herself. But, it so happens at times that girls have to grow without the sheltered protection of their mothers, either due to the mother's death or because the parents were separated. This might lead to lack of self-belief in such girls compelling them to decide not to have children of their own. This book works as a catalyst to the self belief of such women and boosts their confidence.

The book is based on the author's personal experiences, research work and interviews with many mothers and daughters. It brings hope in the life of ladies, who are not aware of what it is to be the mother of a child. As a result, they are scared of giving birth to a child, thinking that they won't be able to become good mothers. In fact, on the contrary, the book cites examples of under mothered girls becoming the best mommies in the world. This book motivates you to be optimistic and go ahead pursuing your dreams. It is a perfect guide for you to start believing in your abilities as a woman and to recognize, appreciate and bring out the real woman in you.