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Are You My Mother

Mother's day is that one day when you can convey your love, put across your emotions and thank your mother for all the sacrifices she made for you. A fabulous idea to express your love and make your mother feel special on mother's day is by gifting her with a nice mother themed book. In the catalogue of top selling baby books on mother's day, the book titled "Are You My Mother", beautifully expressed and superbly illustrated by P.D. Eastman, tops the score. The story revolves around the simple plot between a mother bird and her baby. This simple plot is supported by humorous illustrations and lots of repetitions that make the story so effective and famous. The story by P.D. Eastman enjoys a subjective appeal due to several factors. The story is simply funny which young kids will enjoy along with the beautiful illustrations. In order to learn more on the story line of the book "Are you my mother", surf through the following sections.

The book "Are you my mother" which is supported both by words and illustrations focusing strictly on a baby bird's search for his mother is a book written for children to enjoy. It is a story of a baby bird and his mother. The mother bird lays an egg and thinks that the baby inside the egg will feel hungry. With this thought in mind the mother bird leaves the egg in the nest and flies away in search of food for the baby bird. The fun in the story starts when the egg in the nest hatches while the mother bird is away.

The new born baby is confused as he is alone and wonders where his mother is. The baby bird's first words were, "Where is my mother?" and he jumps out of the nest, tumbles to the ground and start looking for his mother. The funniest part of the story comes when how the baby bird not knowing how his mother looks like start approaching different animals and asking each of them, "Are you my mother?" He asks a kitten, a hen, a horse, a buffalo, dog and a cow if they are his mother, but to his despair he receives the same reply from everyone, a "No".

The baby bird even calls out to a boat and plane thinking them too be his mother. At last he climbs on top of a power shovel thinking it to be his mother, but a loud "SNORT" from the shovel makes the bird say, "You are not my mother! You are a SNORT!" However, the baby bird gets stuck in the shovel and is unable to get away because the shovel grinds into motion.

It is at this tragic moment that his fate changes and he is dropped back to his nest by the grinding shovel, just when his mother is returning home with food. The mother bird and the baby bird are reunited and then the baby bird narrates his adventure to his surprised mother.