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Steel Magnolias

To say that mothers are an important part of our lives is almost a no-brainer. But what makes us still reiterate that is the fact we are living in an age where relationships and things are increasingly being taken for granted. So much so, that even television channels air programs for higher TRPs with ridiculous concepts such as youngsters swapping their parents. Amidst all the ridiculousness of an exacting fast paced life, it is hardly a surprise why there are special days allotted to honor the special people in our lives. It is to bring home the point that as we climb the ladder of success, we ought not to forget the contribution of those individuals who have always thought the world for us. Needless to say, one such person is your mother, who always remains by your side to shield you right from the moment you were born as a helpless little creature that didn't even have its eyes opened yet. She is the one who nurtures you, inspires you and enriches your life. The sacrifices that she makes all along need to be commemorated. A fitting occasion is mother's day, celebrated throughout the world in the month of May. There are many ways to express your gratitude to her such as gifting her or cooking for her. If you want to celebrate the day in a different way, watching a movie dedicated to mothers can be an interesting option.

Among the many movies that celebrate motherhood, 'Steel Magnolias' is a movie that presents motherhood in the most beautiful manner. It is a 1989 American comedy-drama film that is based on a play by the same name penned by Robert Harling. The movie, directed wonderfully by Herbert Ross, It is a perfect blend of mind-blowing acting, brilliant story and superb directions. The star cast includes Julia Roberts, Sally Field and Dolly Parton. It is Julia Roberts who plays the lead role of Shelby Eatenton Latcherie, who is portrayed as a diabetic patient and is repeatedly advised by her mother M'Lynn Eatenton (Sally Field) not to conceive owing to her diabetic problem. But this young girl desires to have a complete family. So she risks her life to have a baby. She fulfills her desire of being a mother, but at the cost of her life. And the baby is then taken care of by the granny. It's a very sentimental tearjerker movie.

The movie title connotes that though women as mothers can be as delicate as magnolias, but they can also simultaneously be as tough as steel. In fact, the movie has entered the colloquial lexicon with the urban dictionary clearly defining steel magnolia as 'A southern woman who is strong and independent yet very feminine'