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Stella Dallas

In the reservoir of famous movies dedicated to motherhood, the most prominent name is that of Stella Dallas, a heart touching story of a sacrificing mother. It is a very apt movie to watch with your mom on mother's day as the movie tells the story of a mother, a daughter, and their relationship. The credit for crafting such a nice movie goes to director King Vidor. The main star cast of the movie includes Barbara Stanwyck and John Boles. This awesome movie has been produced by Sam Goldwyn. The theme of the movie is based on a novel written by Olive Higgins Prouty.

The Plot
The story revolves around a woman called 'Stella', who makes a sacrifice for the sake of her daughter's future. The movie portrays Stella as the daughter of a mill worker who works in a factory town in Massachusetts. Stella is the strongest character of the movie who gets shattered by her father's death and thereafter gets married to a rich man called 'Stephen Dallas.' One year after their marriage, Stella gives birth to a lovely daughter named 'Laurel'. Gradually Stella realizes her strong maternal instinct. Her goal of raising her social status gets shifted to the raising of her child. However, Stella didn't get happiness from marriage and in the course of time Stella gets separated from her husband. As Laurel grows, Stella realizes the fact that she can't provide her daughter with the best of opportunities. So, she kept a stone on her heart and sacrificing her love for her daughter, she sent Laurel to her father. When her daughter learns about the arrangement she refuses to stay with her father and returns home, but Stella pretends she wants her hands off Laurel so that she could marry another person and go away to a different country. Heartbroken Laurel returns to her dad. The story is very well written and depicts the relation of a mother and a daughter very well. Barbara Stanwyck was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and Anne Shirley for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. It is a fabulous story that truly deserves applause.

Cast Of The Movie
  • Barbara Stanwyck as Stella (Martin) Dallas
  • John Boles as Stephen Dallas
  • Anne Shirley as Laurel Dallas
  • Barbara O'Neil as Helen (Morrison) Dallas
  • Alan Hale as Ed Munn
  • Marjorie Main as Mrs. Martin, Stella's mother
  • Tim Holt as Richard Grosvenor III
  • George Wolcott as Charlie Martin
  • Hattie McDaniel as Maid