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The Grapes Of Wrath

The movie "The grapes of wrath" is a very sentimental story with a social message. The movies' star cast includes: Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell & John Carradaine among others. John Ford has superbly directed this wonderful black and white classic film. The idea for the story has been taken from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of John Steinbeck which bears the same title.

The story describes the miserable conditions of Oklahoma farmers during the Great Depression period, when they had to witness painful physical dislocations and had to make their way to California in search of employment and openings for their family members. The movie centers on the 'Joads', an underprivileged family of sharecroppers who are driven out from their Oklahoma residence by famine, monetary adversity, and changes in the financial and agricultural businesses and industries. The story revolves around the tough times and arduous journey that Joads family had to face. At the same time the movie highlights the courage Jane Darwell displays to keep the shattered family together during their bad times.

The predicament of the Joad family is generalized as a microcosm of the thousands of other renter farmers during the country's time of calamity, who suffered from coercion forced by banks and big programmed farm interests. The homeless, nomad family's departure from their gusty and sandy land, and their slow breakup provides an insight into the thousands of Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas Panhandle, and W. Kansas families who were dispossessed and deracinated from their "Dust Bowl" farm land, and forced to search westward in the unwelcoming Eden of California for jobs and survival with thousands of other refugee workers.

Henry Fonda, who played the role of Tom Joad, has also done an excellent job in the movie. This film in the year 1989 was one of the first twenty-five films to be selected for continuation in the 'United States National Film Registry' by the 'Library of Congress' as it was hailed as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." The movie investigates the strength and goodness of the human spirit in the face of horrific and miserable circumstances.

This movie is one of the most beautifully directed films that one can watch on mothers' day. This is one movie that will leave your mother very touched.

The Cast Of The Grapes Of Wrath
  • Henry Fonda
  • Jane Darwell
  • John Carradine
  • Shirley Mills
  • John Qualen
  • Eddie Quillan
  • Charley Ellsworth Grapewin