Here are some Valentine's Day craft & gift ideas for kids. Read about valentine day arts and crafts.

Valentine's Day Crafts

As the month of February commences, everyone in the city seems to be struck down by cupid's arrows! Most young couples go around and shop extensively for this special day. Every year the festival of love is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety in all parts of the world. Valentine's Day is the perfect time of the year to infinitely mollycoddle your sweetheart with lots of gifts. However, the truth lies in the fact that not everyone can afford diamonds and expensive spa treatments. There is nothing to be disappointed about thia as you can use your imagination and creativity to make some handmade crafts. There is a wide variety to choose from such as photo frames, scented candles, handmade beaded jewelry, cards and painted pottery. So what are you waiting for? Get started on this project and leave your lover speechless! Scroll down to find an inexpensive and easy Valentine's Day craft ideas that is sure to make your beloved fall in love all over again.

Valentine Taper Candles
  • These candles are meant to spark your love life and set the mood for romance.
  • For making these lovely items, you need the following items: glue gun, taper candles, heart candies, paintbrush, and mod podge. Using the taper candle, stick the heart candies at the base using the glue gun.
  • Remember to place these at equidistant levels so that the candle can stand erect. Now, with the help of a paintbrush, coat thin layers of the mod podge on candies. Leave aside. When the paint has dried, apply another layer.
  • Repeat the process and your valentine taper candles are ready to embellish!
Chocolate Kiss Mouse Valentine Craft
  • Sounds complicated? It's not! For this you need: chocolate kiss candies, pom pom, glue, wiggle eyes, construction paper (2x2 squares) and thread.
  • To begin, cut out a heart shape from the paper and put it between the two lovely kiss candies. This craft acquires the shape of a mouse and the heart will appear like the ears.
  • Remove the paper tags in such a way that one side frames the face and the other acts as the tail of the mouse.
  • With the help of glue, stick the two wiggle eyes and use the pom pom to make a cute little nose. Your chocolate kiss mouse is ready for decorating purposes!
Candy Cane Heart
  • This is the easiest of all Valentine's Day crafts. The materials that you need are just two candy canes, glue and ribbon.
  • Start by taking the two candy canes and intertwining them with the help of glue. This will make it acquire the shape of a heart. Tie ribbons on the top and to give it a personal touch.
Kissing Swans Card
  • This is an inexpensive craft idea that can enhance the beauty of your gift. You will require white paper, scissors, pencils, color crayons and sparkles.
  • Take a piece of white paper and fold it from the center. Press it tightly so that it develops a crease on the left hand side. Now it's time to show off your artistic skills!
  • Make a swan. Draw a heart with its half side inserted inside the beak of the swan. Make sure that you fold the paper in such a manner that it is perfectly aligned with the swan's chest and the center of heart. Without interfering with these lines, cut out the paper along the pencil sketch. Beautify it with the use of crayons and sparkles.
  •  Don't forget to personalize the card by writing a romantic valentine love message too!
This simple, easy-to-make Valentine's Day graft and gift ideas are likely to leave you with loads of inspiration. So get the paper, glue stick, scissors and other essential items and get on with your craft.