Boost up the mood for romance with some awesome valentines movie. Check out some real romantic Valentine's Day movies.

Valentine's Movies

Each love story is unique with its innumerable twists and turns with an aim towards spreading the message of love to the world. On Valentine's Day, if you plan on keeping your celebration a low-key affair, then you can always spend the evening watching a romantic movie. Couples sometimes prefer to stay indoors and in this case too, watching valentine movies are a great option. Spending an evening wrapped in each other's arms with an overdose of delicious food to nibble on would surely make it a perfect moment. The role of movies is that they are an extension of our fantasy, which not only help you relive your dreams, but also creates a romantic atmosphere. Romantic movies not only are loaded with soppy love scenes, but also come in wide options like passion, humor, drama and action. While you are choosing a romantic flick, make sure that you keep in mind your sweetheart's preferences too. A candle-lit dinner, scrumptious food, soothing music and a great romantic movie gives you the complete picture, won't it? Read the section below to know more about the best Valentines movies.
  • Some of the most popular romantic movies are: Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, Romeo and Juliet, City of Angels, Love Story, Sixteen Candles, Pretty Woman and Endless Love. These are typical love stories that involve tales of romance and eternity.
  • However, if you want to have some cheerful moments of laughter and joy then there are some funny romantic comedy films like 20 Dates, About Last Night, Breakfast at Tiffany's, An American in Paris and Butterflies are Free.
  • If your loved one is an adventurous person then the perfect kind of film would be Back Draft, Crimson Tide, Mask of Zorro, Point Break and Batman Forever.
  • But if you and your partner love mystery, then you can go for thriller valentine movies such as Dead Again, Spellbound, Jaws, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle  and Psycho.
  • In case you want some melodrama, try these: Bed of Roses, Great Expectations, about Last Night, Just the way you are, Happy together and When Harry met Sally.
  • If you are a happily married couple and wish to watch a movie that even your kids can enjoy, then buy a video CDs of Beauty and the Beast or Heaven can Wait, Night Tide, Like Water for Chocolate and Celestial Clockwork.
Love is all about giving, receiving and spending some priceless moments together. Get your DVD player, plug in your favorite romantic DVD, and relive the bygone moments of love and sensuality once again.