Feng shui tips can add a sparkling light to your love life. Read about feng shui love tips.

Feng Shui Love

Very often in a relationship, there are times when romance seems to fizz out and couples feel a void. Stress, lifestyle, work, health, almost anything could be the culpable reason for this. No matter what the reason is, you can always resort to feng shui to ignite that much needed spark in your relationship. Just before you begin to think how feng shui can help you, know that with a few changes in your surroundings, you can set in a positive vibe in your love life. According to the feng shui experts, the right ambiance can ignite positive energy in your home and life, and with a few changes in the settings and decor of your room, you can push your love life to all new heights altogether. If you are looking to revive back romance in your life, then this write-up on feng shui love tips is sure to leave you feeling upbeat. Many people have benefitted from using feng shui, and you could be the lucky one too. Take a look and recreate the magic called love in your life all over again.
  • Take stock of your room even before you plan a romantic setting for it and see if it fits into your idea of a perfect romantic place. If the answer is no, you know it's time to bring a change and usher in the positive energy by removing the clutter.
  • Begin by choosing the right feng shui color palette for a romantic evening. While you are choosing a new color, make sure to incorporate deep red, pinks, gold, burgundy, purple or a soothing pink shade as these color are known to set in a passionate energy.
  • Make sure to add fresh flowers in your bedroom, as they not only add to the beauty of the décor, but bring in positive outcomes too. Although the conventional roses are normally what is suggested, feng shui expert's state that flowers like peony, orchids and cherry blossoms can be the perfect cure for lost love and romance.
  • Add some accessories to uplift your ambiance by placing a romantic picture of you and your mate near your bedside table. Remove all electronic gadgets as there are a big no-no according to the feng shui rule book.
  • Another thing that could transform your room is the lighting. Change your ceiling light to something that is dim and not bright and flashy. Remember you don't want a stadium flood lights in your room.
  • Try placing scented candles around the room as this will not only fill the room with a sweet-smelling scent, but soothe the mind and bring sensuality to your room as well.
  • You could also place a terracotta, porcelain, marble, clay statute of a romantic couple, kissing cherubs, doves or simply hang a picture of couple in love. The visual image of a couple in love is said to have an ignite passion in your partner.
  • Feng shui experts state that mirror in a room that reflects bed is said to bring bad luck as it is usually seen as a third party interference. So, avoid having a mirror if possible in your bedroom or position it in a place that it does not reflect your bed.
  • Pink crystals are said to have powers to attract love and remove all kinds of negative energy in the room. So, ensure you have a crystal chandelier, crystal mandarin ducks or a lamp in your room.
  • Play soft soothing music that is sure to put your partner in a magical love trance for the evening. Make sure to keep your room clean and tidy, free from unwanted clutters that are reminders of the past.
Follow these feng shui love tips and see love return to your life. Love, like everything else, needs perfect ambiance to blossom, and feng shui guides you in that way.