Here are tips on ways to find if the guy you love likes you. Read about how to tell if he loves you and signs that he loves you.

How To Tell If He Loves You

How does a girl know if a man loves you? This is a question that often plagues most young women who are forever baffled by mixed reactions from the guy they are interested in. Remember, you are not the only person out there asking this question or filled with innumerable doubts. It's difficult to understand human behavior, and when it comes to the matters of heart, things only seems to get worse. Having said that, it does not mean there is no way to figure out the so called complex feeling '"love". There are times your love for a person could cloud or misguide you to believe otherwise, especially when you are dating that person. Others may bet highly on their instincts only to be disappointed later as inner instincts may not always be correct. Chances are that they could mislead you only to become optimistic and later dampen your spirits. Well, you may not believe this but you could tell from the very first date or meeting if a guy is interested in you. One has to remain unbiased to recognize these signs. The article below suggests a few helpful pointers to tell if he loves you.

Body Language
This may sound as the most common cliches you have probably heard. However, their importance can be in no way undermined as they are the biggest giveaways of one's true feelings for you. Take note if he leans forward or tries to keep you engaged in a conversation, as this is one of the biggest signs that a man is interested in you. You may be out with a large group of common friends, but surprisingly you might just find him addressing you more often than others. This may sound too bold to you, but if a man wants to make it clear that he is serious about you, he won't hesitate to put an arm around you or hold hands in public, a sign that will certainly dissuade other men.

Eye Contact
According to a Yiddish saying '"The eyes are the mirror of the soul". Don't ever hesitate to look directly into the eyes of a man you like for they may just lead you to his inner self. If a man is bolder, he would certainly hold your gaze until you return the eye contact. Another thing one should take heed of is if he has an affectionate or a mischievous glint or winks. You certainly can't mistake this one!

Behavioral Pattern
This is something that will clear all your doubts, if you have any. The next time you are out with him, don't hesitate to introduce all your girlfriends to him and take notice of how he treats them. If he pays special interest in you, then it is sure that he likes you. But watch out if he pays more attention then he should to your other girlfriends. A common thing that most men tend to pay attention to while they are around other women they is to be at their best behavior. Don't be surprised if he holds the door open for you to pass or stands up when you enter a room, as most men do this to impress a woman they are interested in.

Unexpected Encounters
When a guy is really interested in a woman, he usually likes being around her or spends much of his time with her. So, don't be surprised if you accidently chance upon him at the middle of an errand. Remember, twice could be mistaken as a co-incident, but more than three encounters should not be misunderstood.

Ask Opinion
Not many men would open up to a woman unless they feel she is close or important to them. Therefore, if the man you are in a relationship with actually considers the need to share his problems, fears or worries, there could not be a more blatant way of expressing how he feels about the woman.

So, the next time you are around someone you love, watch out for these signs. Then just relax and enjoy the newfound attention you are getting. With time, this attention is likely to bloom into love.