How to tell if the girl likes you is what confuses every boy. Read about ways to find out the signs that indicate her love.

How To Tell If She Loves You

'"What do girls think?" is one question that disturbs almost every man. You think that only if you 'understood' this mysterious gender better, life would be so much easier. Here is a fact for you: it is impossible to understand a human, much less a woman! But then again, there is nothing to be disappointed. Agreed, understanding someone upside down is impossible. However, if one puts in some efforts, it is possible to understand at least some aspects about them. There are no hard and fast rules about how and why girls behave in a certain way. However, if you do a little homework on the girl and her daily habits, you might just be able to tell the difference. If you don't want to go through all this trouble, just go and ask her! It might be a little awkward and taxing, but at least you would be able to solve the mystery that way. However, if you find her answer unsatisfactory, get back to your homework! There are some typical ways in which a person responds. Trail down this write-up and look for signs to know that she really loves you.
  • How much attention does she usually give you? If she is giving you a little more attention than usual, there are high chances that she likes you. However, this should not be confused with the times when she thinks you are depressed or in trouble and therefore in need of a friend. Although, it does mean that she cares about you a lot.
  • If she thinks that you will understand her problems better than others, she would be more inclined to share them with you, which maybe another indication of a romantic interest. This can inculcate an interest for you in her. However, think twice before jumping into conclusions as these could just mean that she is looking for a friend who understands her or just likes spending time with you.
  • Suppose she is not a close friend of yours and you meet her by surprise. She is happy to meet you but is at loss of words. She says some stupid things that she would not usually say, and smiles or giggles more often. You are looking at a clear case of a “crush” here! Unless you are her teacher or a very senior person. if she appears cool, you might want to take another look after you have turned your back on her.
  • Every man thinks that sometimes girls get angry for no reason at all. This happens mostly among close friends. One simple way of knowing is change in behavior. Do you notice any change in her? Is she getting more angry than usual? Does her anger towards you seem irrational and without reason? You have got yourself a suspect. Yet, don't finalize too soon. Matters with close friends are delicate. The reason could be something in her personal life. However, if the anger is most of the time directed towards you, then there might be something of notice. This anger is because she loves you but you cannot understand. Yet she cannot say it. If she says it then the friendship might be in jeopardy. And the feelings inside are eating her up and leaving her in an emotional turmoil.
Well, after knowing all these things, don't start thinking that every second girl has a crush on you. These are just some traits. Use some common sense and get to know the girl better and you will have your answer.

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