All flowers are not meant to be presented on Valentine's Day. Read about flowers to avoid for valentine day.

Flowers Not For Valentine's

Flowers are undoubtedly a romantic choice of gift for your valentine for they are generally considered as the gentlest form of love and beauty. They are the essence of nature and an adorable gift too, preferably suiting all occasions. With their heavenly charm and pleasant fragrance, flowers create a perfectly romantic ambiance especially on this Valentine's Day. When it comes to gifting someone on a special occasion, it is easy to buy a bouquet of eloquently arranged flowers to express your feelings as flower says it all. You have to be careful while selecting the flowers if it is your choice of gift on this Valentine's Day. Do you know that each type of flower carries a certain message with it? So, unless you select the ideal type that signifies your message to the person, your idea of gifting your beloved with a bunch of flowers may end up in an anti-climax. Learn about those flowers, which are not meant to create or strengthen the bond of love between two sweethearts.
  • Did you know that the beautiful perennial plant of Achillea actually symbolizes war?
  • Presenting basil flowers to someone is like saying him/her ‘I hate you'. So, select the right flower that doesn't contradict your feelings.
  • The bright red bee balm flowers are attractive and beautiful but it announces, “Your whims are Unbearable!”
  • Presenting a bouquet with withered flowers implies that you reject love.
  • Though beautiful and attractive, striped and yellow carnations imply rejection and communicate the message that “You have disappointed me.”
  • The attractive cherry blossom flower symbolizes false hopes and hence, is not considered as a good Valentine's Day gift.
  • Did you know that yellow chrysanthemums indicate melancholy and depression?
  • Do you know that gifting your sweet heart with a columbine flower is just like calling him/her a fool!
  • The message associated with the flowers crown imperials is not as sweet as their adorable beauty. These flowers represent arrogance and pride.
  • Gifting cyclamen flowers is equal to saying ‘good-bye'.
  • Daffodils represent vanity. So, never approach your heartthrob with daffodils!
  • Dahlia represents instability and hence do not make for a good valentine's gift.
  • The bright hyacinth represents jealousy and hence, it is better to discard the idea of gifting your love with this flower.
  • Did you know that Lavender implies distrust? It is a super contrast to the idea of Valentine's Day!
  • Lilly is not at all suitable for this romantic day for it is associated with pride (tiger Lilly) hatred (orange Lilly) and falsehood (yellow Lilly).
  • Though they appear to be soothing, peony flowers are representations of anger.
  • Rhododendron symbolizes danger and agitation and hence, stands against the concept of Valentine's Day.
  • Black rose is considered as foreshadow of death and is not suitable for any occasions.
  • White rose implies fleeting beauty. Why should you trouble yourself by conveying this message to your sweetheart?
  • Yellow rose indicates decrease of love – exactly contrast to what you are trying to convey to your heartthrob!
  • Don't ever gift your love with a tansy flower. It is just like declaring that you stand against the person.
Many of these flowers are part of the beautiful bouquets available in the flower shops. Hope you realize the importance of selecting the type of flower to be included in the bouquet, especially when it comes to delicate feelings like love. However, the messages associated with flowers are not universal as there are significant cultural differences between the countries across the globe. Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!