Home Decor
Read suggestions on selecting artwork, wall artwork and painting artwork.

Selecting Artwork

You have moved into your new house and all that is remaining is to decorate your home. Someone suggests you add a painting to decorate the bare walls, and you decline. You are a very organized and practical person; why would you want something artsy on your wall, right? Wrong! There is artwork to suit every eye and every personality. Art is not just "artsy"; it has a lot more to it. When you move into your new house, the most exciting thing for you is to decorate it in order to make it the house of your dreams. Home decor is quite easy for you given the amount of information and suggestions available. The tricky bit is to decorate the walls. You want to make sure you don't leave the walls bare. Don't worry. One way of making your walls look great is by employing art. Whether you choose to have wall artwork or paintings, knowing where and how to use them is essential for getting great looking walls. Selecting art for your house is not an easy task, especially if you're not much of an art-lover. Here are a few pointers on selecting art for your home.

General Tips
  • If you're an art-lover, keep this in mind. Artwork makes a statement on the kind of person you are. So when you select art, it should be because you love it and not because it matches your sofa or carpet. In case selected art looks out of place in your home, rework the surroundings to complement the art. The artwork should create a certain mood in the room and everything in the room should complement it and not the other way round.
  • An art-lover should buy art for its own value and nothing else. It should be something that you can enjoy for a long time and not get bored of.
  • If you are not much of an art-lover, keep this in mind, you will be attracted to artwork that seems to perfectly fit your home and to colors and themes that interest you. If your house is decorated in a traditional manner then you will be attracted to traditional paintings. If it is decorated in a contemporary style you will be attracted to contemporary paintings.
  • Talk to the owners of art galleries, and some interior decorators. They can help you get suggestions on how to select and appreciate artwork.
Wall Artwork
  • You can have artwork done directly on your wall. This could be anything – painting, ceiling rosettes, empty frames, colorful cards, etc.
  • This is something that you need to know, wall art can sometimes be extremely difficult to remove. So, you might want to be sure of the kind of art coming up on your walls.
  • However, wall artwork allows you to get as bizarre as you would like to get: you can use metal baking-dishes with some work on them, or even several license plates! 
Painting Artwork
  • Different people have different tastes for painting artworks, and some don't have any at all. However, paintings do add that charm to your bare walls and put your entire home decor in sync.
  • If you're an art-lover, then you might just know the kind of painting you want to get into your house, and you may even transform the rest of your home to suit your beloved new painting. Even if you're not much of an art-lover, you can take the help of professionals in choosing the right kind of painting for your home.
  • Non-art-lovers can use paintings to change the shape of their room, if not for the love of art. If placed in the right way, pictures of horizontal landscape can give your room a widened look and floral pictures can help build an illusion of height.
  • In order to highlight the painting on your wall, use good fixated lights around it. If you are looking to gain ideas on how this is to be done, visit an art gallery.
Artwork is not just about being artsy; it is a reflection on not just the kind of person you are, but also helps add class to your home. So, go on and choose some great wall artwork or paintings to make your homes look that much better.