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Give your home a different summer look. Read tips about summer decoration and summer colour decorating.

Decorating For Summer

When the days get longer and the air gets warm, most of us wish to enjoy an occasional cool breeze when lying out on a hot summer day. However, not everyone can afford the luxury of moving to the country side, beside the lake or the mountains to enjoy the lazy days of summer. Does it mean that not everyone can enjoy and feel the advent of the summer season? Definitely not! It is true that not everyone can move out beside a lake, but everyone can afford a budgeted seasonal renovation plan. You can bring in the bright, fresh look of summer into your house with the help of some renovating tip. Seasonal home decor does not call for changing every room and throwing out old furniture and accessories. Small additions and experiments with colour, style and accessories are enough to provide you a cool summer home to relax in. Scroll down for few effective tips on decorating for the days of summer.
  • A simple rule to deal with summer home decor is to avoid patchy looks since they bring warmth to the house. It is advisable to keep fewer items in the room which will help your room look bigger. A natural appearance to your house by making use of different types of plants and flowers is what you need.
  • Another simple way to decorate your house for summer is by illuminating your backyard. You can brighten your center table with candles, and can also string along strands of garden lights through the trees. Use luminaries to highlight the pathway or stairs and use torches to line up the backyard. You can even make use of lanterns to spread a romantic atmosphere in your backyard.
  • Colours can speak volumes and convey the message you are trying to put across. Therefore, painting the walls in your house is another way of decorating and preparing your house for summers. Go with light colours such as beige, light pink, etc. However, if you got your house painted recently and feel no need to invest on the entire project all over again, you can make a difference by using simple wallpapers and stencils. Avoid hanging too may wall paintings or portraits, since it does not go along with summer home decor.
  • You might feel the urge to get rid of heavy, wool carpets and expose the plywood or cool cement flooring to beat the heat. There is no harm in doing so, but you can add style to your floor by applying soothing shades of grey, white or blue. You need to make it a point to vacuum clean the floor to get rid of dust and dirt and to use a polyurethane based primer before painting the floor. You can add design to the painted floor using custom stencils.
  • Remove the white towels in your bath and replace them with a few pastel colour towels to brighten up the surroundings. You can even consider making changes to the other accessories in your bath or to repaint the walls.
  • Natural light is an essential part of any summer home decor assignment. Make it a point to replace the dark colour shades or curtains with sheer drapes to allow more light through the windows during the summer days. You can pick up white, neutral or pastel colour curtains, since these colours go along with the summer theme of home decor.
  • Summer time is also the time to replace heavy winter accessories with light and welcoming home accessories. You can consider decorating your bedroom using bamboo plants or cut flowers from the lawn.