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Our Sauce Recipes section contains a variety of exotic sauce recipes. Sauce is essentially a Western condiment and is primarily added to gravies and curries. Sauce is also a vital accompaniment with appetizers. Try our range of easy sauce recipes.

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Sauce Recipes
Aioli is usually served with seafood and meat, it can also be used as a salad dressing.
Alfredo Sauce is a creamy sauce very popular in Italian restaurants.
Apple Rings in Sherry Syrup is a mouth-watering condiment.
Applesauce is a purée that is made from stewed and mashed apples.
Applesauce is a very easy and popular recipe.
The delicious and irresistible Apricot Sauce makes a good combination with non-vegetarian dishes.
Arrabbiata sauce is a spicy Italian recipe.
Baja Sauce is a yummy recipe.
Basic White Sauce is a quick and delicious recipe.
Bean Curd Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Béarnaise sauce is a classic variation to Hollandaise sauce that's flavored with tarragon.
Bechamel Sauce is also known as White Sauce.
Black Cherry Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Blackberry Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Blueberry Caramel Sauce is a very delightful recipe.
Blueberry Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Bordelaise Sauce is a classic French sauce named after the great wine area of Bordeaux.
Bread Sauce goes well with any of your favorite dishes.
Carrot Dipping Sauce is a very yummy recipe.
Carrot Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Celery Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Cheese Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Chicken Manchow Soup is a dark brown Chinese soup which is very popular in India also.
Chicken Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Chickpea Dip is a very popular recipe.
Chili Garlic Sauce is the perfect recipe for garlic lovers.
Chimichurri Sauce is an Argentinian recipe usually served with beef.
Chipotle Sauce is a delicious Mexican recipe.
The irresistible and mouth watering Chocolate Sauce will make it hard for you to resist food.
Cilantro-Chili Pepper Sauce is a Mexican sauce served best with chicken or tuna.
Cranberry Sauce is a popular Thanksgiving recipe.
Creamy Black Bean Dip is a very popular dip from the American cuisine.
Creme de Cenoura is a very popular recipe.
Cucumber Dip is perfect for a variety of food.
Dill Dip is a very easy recipe.
Eggless mayonnaise is the modified version of the classic mayonnaise sauce.
English Mushroom Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Fish Sauce with Mayonnaise is a very popular recipe.
Fruit Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Grape Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Greek Potato and Almond Dip is a thick and bursting sauce, served best with butter crackers.
Gyro Yogurt Sauce is a very delicious recipe.
Habanero Hot Sauce is an extremely hot and sizzling sauce from the Mexican cuisine.
Hollandaise Sauce is an egg-based sauce.
Honey-Mustard Sauce is a very delicious recipe.
Hot Crab Dip is a terrific sauce, perfect for seafood lovers.
Japanese Shrimp Sauce is sweet and pinkish-orangish sauce, served with meat.
This strongly flavored Lebanese Garlic Sauce makes a popular dip with a large varieties of food.
Lemon Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Lobster Sauce is a traditional French recipe.
Mango Coconut Sauce is a delicious sauce with a dash of lime in it .
Maple Cherry Sauce tastes delicious with baked ham and grilled meat.
Marinara Sauce is a delicious and nutritious Italian recipe.
Marsala Glazed Carrots With Pinenuts is a tasty party recipe.
Mexican Pesto is a delicious pesto dressing served with bread or pasta.
Mince Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Mint Dip is a delicious and lip smacking dip for everyone.
Mongolian Stewed Garlic Relish brings a eastern flavor in your kitchen.
Mustard Cream Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Orange Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Oyster Sauce is an aromatic Chinese recipe.
Peanut Sauce is an excellent accompaniment with any dish.
Pickled Fish Chili Sauce is a delicious Thai sauce.
Piperade is a spicy tomato-pepper sauce, used in many French cuisines.
Pizza Sauce is a very delicious recipe.
Plum Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Red Pepper Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Rum Sauce adds taste to any fruit dessert.
Satay Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Sausage Sauce is a spicy, savory, and thick sauce that can be used to garnish any preparation.
Schezuan Sauce is a yummy treat for spice lovers.
Sesame seed sauce can be served with hot and cold vegetables, or meat.
Sicilian Lentil Pasta Sauce is a thick hot pasta sauce.
Skorthalia is a delicious and popular Mediterranean sauce recipe.
Smoked Salmon Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Baked with orange juice, Spicy Oven-Roasted Plums make a versatile British creation.
Spicy Tomato Basil Sauce is a spicy delight that can be served with spaghetti, ravioli, chicken Parmesan or any Italian dish.
Spicy Vodka Sauce is a refreshing change from the normal tomato sauce or pesto sauce.
Spinach Tambli is a light and delectable condiment.
Strawberry Cream Dip is a very popular recipe.
Strawberry Sauce is a summer delicacy.
Sweet and Sour Dip goes perfectly with deep fried starters.
Tartar Sauce is a white and thick sauce normally served with seafood.
Thai Peanut Sauce is an easy and delicious Thai sauce recipe.
Tofu and Tomato Pasta Sauce is a liquid gravy that adds flavor to any dry snack.
Tomato Based Sauce is a very popular recipe.
Tomato Sauce is a popular condiment recipe.
The old-fashioned Turkey Gravy is great for Thanksgiving Day.
Tzatziki is a healthy appetizier, it can also be served as a sauce.
Vanilla Sauce makes a delicious topping for all sorts of desserts.
Vegetable Pasta Sauce is very delicious as well as nutritious too.
White Pasta Sauce is an easy to make yummy sauce.
Yellow Chilli Dip is a yummy hot dip.
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