South Indian Recipes

Our South Indian Recipes section contains recipes of traditional South Indian cuisines. Rice and coconut are extensively used in South Indian dishes. South Indian food is very spicy and is a brilliant blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, fragrance, taste, and visual appeal. Try our delectable South Indian recipes.
Ada Pradhaman
The Ada Pradhaman is a sweet dish from the land of God's own country, Kerela. The traditional dessert prepared with rice ada and jaggery is popular during the festivities of Onam and Vishu.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 8.7 / 10 (23 votes)
Besan Dosa
Besan Dosa is a healthy breakfast recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Besan Dosa by following this easy recipe.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 8.6 / 10 (12 votes)
This is for all of you who begin their morning with the hot hot vada. A typical South Indian breakfast option, the vada batter is pretty simple to prepare. Once that's done, the frying takes absolutely no time.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 8.5 / 10 (21 votes)
Cheese Dosa
Dosas by itself make a yummy dish to have, and when cheese is added to it, the outcome is HEAVEN. Once you try this dish there is no way you are not going to crave for it any more.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 6.6 / 10 (10 votes)
Achappam is a snack very popular among Christians and traditionally made during Christmas time. Also known as Rose cookies, this crunchy and sweet evening snack highlights the mood of the spirit of Christmas.

• Non Veg.   • Average    Rating: 8.0 / 10 (8 votes)
Rava Kesari
A popular south Indian desert, the Rava Kesari works seamlessly when one has just indulged in a spicy Indian meal. The texture of the rava after it has absorbed the key ingredients of ghee, cardamom powder and kesari color emanates a tinge that will suit any palate.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 6.9 / 10 (16 votes)
Sweet Pongal
A typical sweet served at festivals in the South of India, the pongal's richness and sweetness matches any festival. The addition of cashew and raisins makes this desert even more lovable.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 8.7 / 10 (10 votes)
Adai Dosa
Adai Dosa is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Adai Dosa by following this easy recipe.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 9.2 / 10 (6 votes)
Mangalore Chicken Curry
Mangalore Chicken Curry is a yummy South Indian recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Mangalore Chicken Curry by following this easy recipe.

• Non Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 7.9 / 10 (13 votes)
Mangalore Bajji
Mangalore Bajji is a popular snack. It is also known as Goli Baje. Learn how to make/prepare Mangalore Bajji by following this easy recipe.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 9.2 / 10 (18 votes)
Vegetable Korma
Vegetable Korma is a spicy and aromatic curry best made with seasonal vegetables and greens. It serves as the perfect accompaniment to Indian breads and plain steamed rice or even pulao.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 8.9 / 10 (15 votes)
Tomato Rasam
Tomato Rasam is the Indian cousin of Tomato Soup and is perfect to consume with hot steaming white rice. It is also super-easy to make and you need just ten minutes to whip this dish up.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 8.0 / 10 (33 votes)
Curd Rice
If you want to break away from the spice of Indian curries and cool that palate yet delight it, then curd rice is your only choice. A simple mixture of rice and curds and the dish is ready to be served, one that will cool your tummy even on rough days.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 8.1 / 10 (34 votes)
Coconut Chutney
The traditional coconut chutneys, when served with dishes like Idlis and Dosas, result in an amazing combination. The presence of Mustard seeds makes the chutney a lot more tastier.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 8.1 / 10 (20 votes)
Cabbage Rice
Cabbage Rice is one of the popular South Indian rice recipes. Learn how to make/prepare Cabbage Rice by following this easy recipe.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 9.2 / 10 (21 votes)
Lemon Rice
South India offers a wide variety of exotic dishes and one among these is the Lemon rice. It is considered a great option for breakfast by many.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 8.3 / 10 (24 votes)
Mallige Idli
This dish is probably called 'Mallige Idli' since it is as tender as the flower named 'Mallige' (Jasmine). For most South Indians, nothing can be more satisfying than a plate full of these Idlis for breakfast.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 7.4 / 10 (26 votes)
Carrot fry
Carrot fry is a popular dish in South India. The unassuming carrot is given a delectable twist by using grated coconut and dal in the preparation. This is a fun way to ensure everyone in the family receives the goodness of carrots while relishing it.

• Veg.    Rating: 7.4 / 10 (10 votes)
Capsicum Rice

Capsicum rice is generally eaten as a breakfast in all South Indian households. With the number of veggies and capsicum the dish not only becomes exceptionally tasty but a very healthy option. This dish is so filling and satisfying that you avoid eating anything unhealthy.

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Spicy Prawn Masala
Spicy Prawn Masala is a spicy recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Spicy Prawn Masala by following this easy recipe.

• Non Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 9.3 / 10 (4 votes)
Suji Idli
The traditional South Indian breakfast of idli can be lent a twist using semolina rather than the staple rice batter. Season your semolina batter with some mustard, split black lentils, cashew nuts and curry leaves, and yummy suji idli is ready to eat.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 7.1 / 10 (7 votes)
Puliyogare Rice
Also known to many as the 'Tamarind Rice', this tangy preparation is a favorite amongst the masses of South Indian states. Like the lemon rice, the 'Puliyogare' is also a good option for breakfast.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 9.0 / 10 (26 votes)
Bread Upma
Bread Upma is a tasty snack that is easy to make and great to taste. Learn how to make/prepare Bread Upma by following this easy recipe.

• Veg.   • Average    Rating: 6.0 / 10 (3 votes)
Mutton Chops
This spicy non-vegetarian delicacy requires little effort and is a great option for a starter. Move over the traditional Kebabs, this is a dish to experiment in the kitchen today.

• Non Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 4.9 / 10 (20 votes)
Mysore Pak
The city of Mysore is known for its zoo, royal palaces and of course the Mysore Pak. But, you don't need to travel to Mysore or scour sweet shops across your town to look for this delicious sweet. Why don't you try making this easy-to-whip-up dessert loaded with ghee?

• Veg.    Rating: 8.7 / 10 (42 votes)