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Read for information on college admission procedures in France, eligibility criteria and guidelines for foreign students for admission into France institutes.

College Admission Procedures In France

The admission procedure in France is not very different from the rest of the European countries. The academic year starts at the end of September or the beginning of october. For admissions, the procedures begin in December or January. If you are planning to pursue your education in France, it is understood that you conduct a proper research about the place and it system. This country has educational institutes of two types: the Universities and the 'Grandes Ecoles'. There are more Grandes Ecoles (translates to "great schools") in France than the typical universities. These can be public or privately run establishments that take a lesser number of students per year and are more competition oriented. Even though every institution has its own procedure or selection of students, there are similarities among them all. To know more, read the sections below.

Eligibility Criteria For Admissions In France Universities

Application Requirements
  • Personal Statement: This document must be framed crisply with details such as: reasons for taking up the desired course, why that particular university was chosen and other interests in the same field.
  • Application Form: Here, submission of personal details, academic history and past working experience, if any, must be stated.
  • Essay: Some universities might ask you to provide an essay or two with respect to the course that you intend to pursue.
  • Transcripts: All certificates of former studies should be made available with the application form. In case of an online application, these documents must be scanned. For international students, it is sometimes compulsory to translate these transcripts into French.
  • ETS and GRE score reports.
  • ToEFL or IELTS score reports.
  • Credentials: Passport, visa, recent photographs and birth certificate.
  • Recommendation: Most universities require atleast two letters of recommendation or reference from previous universities.
  • Entrance Tests: Some universities have an entrance test that needs to be cleared before enrolling.
  • Interview: once the application has been accepted and the entrance exam is out of the way, there is an interview. This is the final step. After this, the university will inform applicants who have made it through.
For higher education in France, a student must completed atleast a higher secondary education. Following this, they are eligible to do a diploma (1 or 2 years) or a bachelor's degree (3 or 4 years). If you already possess either of these undergraduate degrees then you can apply for a master's degree of 1 or 2 years. Eligibility can also depend upon GPA and IELTS scores.

Guidelines For Foreign Students For Admissions In France Institutes
  • There are organizations which help students in finding and applying for colleges and universities abroad.
  • Another good way to find credible information is through the French Embassy present in the home country.
  • There are French institutions that teach courses in French. These institutes will also have information regarding universities in France and the kind of placement there.
  • The best method to apply to a college is to look through the website of that particular institution. Most universities reply within a day. There is also a phone number provided for further clarifications.
The information above is given to equip you with French universities so that you can get a head-start on the admission process!