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Are you planning to study abroad in France? Read this article to get information about all the essentialities to study in France!

Study in France

It is a privilege to get educated from a country which boasts to provide world class higher education system with a proud array of prestigious institutions and highly able faculty. France, which is the fourth largest economy of the world, provides all the support for its student community, a considerable percentage of which represents international students. The country which has a deep-rooted educational history, welcomes foreign students whole heartedly. Higher education in France is well known for its quality and accessibility. Quality of the education is continuously maintained through efficient accreditation system. It would be a great experience to be the part of a society where the people enjoy one of the highest standards of living among the countries across the world. France is a country blessed with wonderful landscapes, great culture and rich tradition. The educational programs in France help the students to understand its history, culture and tradition taking the educational system out of the walls. Studying in France will give you an opportunity to study French - the language which is the third most spoken language in the European Union. The safe and secure political atmosphere and efficient educational system in France makes it one of the prime academic destinations of the world.

Education Programs In France

Education System In France
In France, the education system is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary education. The tertiary education refers to college education. While the primary and secondary education is mostly public, the tertiary education or the higher education is catered by both private and public sectors. The higher education institutes in France have a striking feature associated with them. The higher education institutions in the country are much smaller than the institutes in other countries. The government of France is keen about the education sector spending more than 20% of the annual national budget on education sector which means the government spends about € 6000 per student! France has the highest number of foreign students registered for higher education in the European Union. There are about 120,000 foreign students enrolled in different courses in France.

Admission for International Students
France welcomes foreign students wholeheartedly. Almost all the universities and institutes in France keep their doors open for international students. The first step to apply for higher studies at any institution /university is to consult the French Information resource Center at your country. After consulting resource centre, you can directly contact the university and fill up the required form. University /institution will crosscheck your educational background to check whether you are eligible for higher studies and if your profile fits into the eligibility criteria, you will get a conformation letter. You need to apply for a student visa with the conformation letter and passport attached with the application form. List of other documents needed are usually given with the offer/conformation letter or in the university website.

Higher education in France is funded by the government and hence the tuition fees are very low. It can vary depending on the course, level and university. However students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week and this will be a great support to carry on the study and living expenses at France. Work permit is not needed. Government provides scholarships to eligible students and this will give some financial aid to carry on the higher studies. French government supports about 20,000 students annually by giving scholarships. Accommodation facilities are available at different payment ranges.

Foreign students can find accommodation in hostels or such accommodations which are usually provided by the concerned university. Universities offer pubic residence service as well where you can find both studios and rooms at cheaper rates which can be as cheaper as € 120 per month! Paying Guest is a common option where you can find a one stop solution for food and accommodation. other options include Hiring a flat /house in a sharing basis. over all living expenses depend on the area of accommodation and your lifestyle.

Essential Documents
The most important documents to study in France are valid passport and visa. You need to keep copies of all academic certifications with you along with copies recent passport size photographs which should not be more than six months back. original and copies of offer letter/ admission conformation letter should be kept with you. You need to produce certificate of financial security to prove that you have enough financial support to carry on the studies in France and also original and copies of personal bank statements and financial. Travel and health insurance will also be needed.

Famous Universities/colleges in France
  • The American University of Paris
  • INSA Lyon
  • American Graduate School in Paris
  • College of France
You are completely ready to fly to France now! Enjoy life along with experiencing quality learning!