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Get more information on Master's Degree programs in France for international Students, postgraduate programs and postgraduate degrees in France.

Master's Degree Programs In France

France, being a popular destination for higher education, has international students from various countries pursuing their studies here. Amongst the popular degrees, most foreign candidates do their Master's or Ph.D. Degrees in France. However, owing to the eligibility criteria set aside by most universities, all students need to be fairly proficient in the French Language. But these qualifications are again, course and university specific. The French Government aims to make the life of students easier by providing them with an affordable tuition fee and good quality education. Scholarships may or may not be a part of this process. Hence, France is reputed in offering a great academic environment for professional as well as other courses. Given below, are few details that could be useful in getting you enrolled in a Master's program in France.

Postgraduate Programs In France

The structure of a Master's program in France is based on credits where each module has a certain number of credits assigned to it. France has some of the best professors like Noble Prize laureates, making it reputable in terms of research based education. Higher education in France can be attained from three types of institutions viz. Universities, Grand Ecoles and Institutes of Technology. 'Grand Ecoles' are establishments that specialize in certain fields such as Engineering, Science and Business. They have a limited number of seats and are very competitive.

  • Engineering: Applied Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Fashion
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Business/Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sociology
  • History
  • Economics
  • Management and Law
  • Design
  • Educational sciences
  • Law (LLM)
owing to the nature of the French Government, cost of education at a post-graduate level is considerably low as compared to other European countries. This is due to the fact that the system is supported by a public institution with funds. However, there is no compromise on the quality of education and the distinction in fees between foreigners and the natives is nil. The approximate cost of an entire program may add up to €10,000 per year. Barring this, there are many scholarships available for eligible students who cannot afford this amount.

  • The French higher education system is divided into three cycles. The first cycle is a Bachelor's degree called a 'licence'. Following this, a student qualifies to apply for a Master's program.
  • other than the undergraduate level of education, international students must have a good grip over the French Language to qualify as an applicant into most French institutes. For admission into the Grand Ecoles, students must compulsorily pass certain competitive exams.
France is therefore an amazing destination for quality studies and a good environment. Hopefully the above information proves to be helpful in your decision to study here!