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Harvard University

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest university in the United States of America. The university is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the eastern coast of the United States of America. With a rich history, the university offers unique learning experiences across a broad spectrum of social and academic environments. over the years the university has gained high reputations for its academic excellence. The university has produced over forty Nobel laureates who have won their distinctions in different academic fields. The University comprises an undergraduate college, graduate schools, other academic bodies, research centers and affiliated institutions. The Harvard University admits students in its extension school also. The "Extension School" of the university offers programs to more than ten thousand students every year. If it has been your dream to study at the Harvard University, you will have to first get as much as information as possible on studying at the Harvard University. Read on!

  • Established in 1636, the Harvard University is the oldest higher education institution in the United States of America.
  • The university was named after the college's first benefactor, the young minister John Harvard of Charlestown, who upon his death in 1638 left his library and half his estate to the institution.
  • Crimson was officially designated as Harvard's color.
  • Faculties from this institution have won a wide selection of prizes including the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize.

Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School offers three different programs for students including the MBA program, doctoral program, and an executive education. The executive programs are meant for professionals who wish to provide their careers with a boost. Each Harvard executive program that revolves around business has its own set of admission procedures.

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers Masters degrees in arts (AM), science (SM), engineering (ME), forest science (MFS) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in fifty seven divisions including medical sciences, astronomy, film and visual studies, sociology, forestry, etc.

Harvard Graduate School of Design
The Harvard Graduate School of Design offers students various courses in the field of architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, and urban design. Apart from the regular Masters and Doctoral degree programs, the school also offers executive programs and career discovery programs for professionals.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
HGSE offers degree and doctoral programs in education for those who have a strong passion for education. The rigorous one-year Masters program is equivalent to other two year programs offered by other schools.

Harvard Kennedy School
The Harvard Kennedy School selects students who have a commitment to public service and a strong potential for career growth and leadership. The school offers various programs inducing Master in Public Policy, Master in Public Administration, Mid-Career Master in Public Administration, and various other executive programs.

Harvard Law School
The Harvard Law School offers different programs including a Masters in Law (LLM), a doctoral degree in Juridical Science, as well as courses that focus on various aspects of graduate legal studies.

Harvard Medical School
The Harvard Medical School offers different graduate programs in medicine and medicinal science. Plus, the school also offers different opportunities like opting for a joint degree, travel to Russia to work with AIDS patients, or educating homebound elders in Boston about their healthcare options.

Harvard School of Engineering And Applied Sciences
The school offers doctoral and Masters degree programs in science and engineering. Subjects offered include computer science, engineering science, applied mathematics, and applied physics. Students who are pursuing a degree in engineering sciences can specialize in bioengineering, applied mechanics and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or environmental science and engineering.

other Programs
Apart from the regular degree programs, Harvard University also runs various summer programs, short term courses, executive programs, and extension programs for students and professionals.

Admission Details
A SAT score is necessary to enroll in an undergraduate program at the Harvard University. Along with a SAT score, a secondary school report and a mid-year school report and evaluation by two teachers are also compulsory for the admission procedure. For any graduate program at the Harvard University standardized tests like GRE or GMAT need to be taken up. The Test of English Language (ToEFL) is also mandatory for students whose native language is not English. A minimum ToEFL score of 100 on the Internet-Based Test, 250 on the Computer-Based Test, and 600 on the Paper-Based Test is required. Students applying to the Harvard Law School need to submit LSAT scores as a part of the admission procedure. Candidates applying to the Harvard Medical College need to submit their MCAT scores along with their application forms. Plus, letters of recommendation, official academic transcripts, and written essays are also to be submitted along with the online application form.

The Harvard University is one of the best, not only in the United States of America, but also in the world. Here's wishing you good luck for a higher education in your dream university.