The legend on the wise men is related to the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. Read on to know about the tale.

Legend Of The Wise Men

The legends associated with the birth of Jesus Christ are still a matter of extensive research and arguments. The birth date of Jesus Christ has still not been specified, but many legends continue to exist. Even as children, we have comes across many Christmas folklores, the legend of wise men being one of them. According to the legend, these men were kings; however, the holy book of Bible has no such indication. That they were wise men is certain, but whether or not they were kings is yet to be established. Irrespective of all, these tales from the distant past continue to amuse us. The children, especially, are entertained the most by these tales. Though most folklore has lost its significance, the legend of the wise men has survived the tests of time. In fact, the theme has been adopted by some modern writers and filmmakers for their works. "The Gift of Magi", a short story by the famous American short story writer, O' Henry, is a classic example. The story was later converted into a movie.

Tales Of Christmas

Legend Of The Wise Men
The legend of The Three Wise Men, or the Magi, depicts the journey of three renowned men who travelled a long way to meet baby Jesus and shower him with gifts. The Three Wise Men were kings; one was Melchior, the king of Ind; Balthazar was the king of Chaldea; and Jasper was the king of Jasper. The three kings waited eagerly day after day for the birth of the Lord of Jews, as prophesized. Their astronomers had informed them to wait for the Star to appear as the sign of Jesus's birth. The three kings lived thousands of miles apart and were unfamiliar with each other, yet as the Star appeared to them at the same, they set out on their journey to meet infant Jesus.

Each of them began their voyage with expensive gifts for the newborn. They were escorted by several other men. The Star was their guide which shone luminously, helping the Kings in finding their way. It was believed that the Star stopped wherever the Kings stopped and began to move when they started. It showed them the shortest and easiest path to Bethlehem. There was peace all over the world and the Wise Men we warmly welcomed by other kingdoms that fell on their way. The Star was there with them faithfully, leading them to Bethlehem, but upon their arrival to Jerusalem, it was hidden in the clouds. That was the meeting point of the kings. They greeted each other with immense pleasure and learned about their common goal. The rest of the journey was made by them together.

Since the divine Star was covered by the clouds, they had to ask about the location of Bethlehem. The King of Jerusalem, Herod was told of the arrival of The Three Wise Men. A grand welcome was arranged and Herod gave them a guide to Bethlehem. He also requested them to inform him after they have found the baby. The Three Wise Men began their journey again and once they were out of Jerusalem, the star re-appeared to their surprise. As they were drawing closer to the Bethlehem, the Star was glowing brighter and finally, when they reached their destination, it shone as bright as the sun over a humble stable. They reached at the sixth hour of the day and each of them met the Holy Child in turns.

The first to enter the stable was Melchior. He was an old man and met another old man of his age, who also seemed wise. Balthazar, who was middle-aged, was the second to go and he also found a man of his character, full of serenity. Jasper was a last one and he too found a young and fervent man. Then the trio went ahead to meet Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. They could not hold their ecstasy on seeing the baby and shed tears of happiness on seeing Jesus Christ. Awestruck and overwhelmed, they offered whichever gift first came in their grip. Melchior pulled out a golden apple and thirty gilt pennies and Balthazar presented incense. Jasper, on the other hand, offered myrrh to the Baby. On their way back, at the Hill of Vaws in Ind, they a built a chapel in dedication to Baby Jesus. They even decided that it would be their place of their burials.

The legend of the Wise Men is perhaps the most common of all the Christmas legends. This legend is enacted in most of the churches during Christmas. Though there are many variations to the tale, yet there is no argument to the fact that it is pleasing and entertaining. Some are of opinion that there were twelve Wise Men or Magi, but there is no solid evidence to prove it. Most of the legends related to Jesus Christ have not been established yet. They find existence only as myths.