Ugadi Recipes

Our Ugadi Recipes section contains a variety of traditional Ugadi Recipes. Ugadi marks the begining of New Year for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Celebrate Ugadi along with some delicious food. Try our easy recipes for Ugadi.
Hyderabadi Biryani
Just the word Biryani is enough to make our mouths water, isn't it? And amongst the Biryani that every state boasts of, it is the Hyderabadi version, which is a perfect blend of fragrant rice, aromatic spices and tender meat.

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This is a typical Maharastrian delicacy, made with thick curd. Garnished with Pistachios and Almonds, this dish is a favourite among all kids and adults. It is generally had after lunch, since it is not a very heavy and just right to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Maharashtra is famous because of this one dish called Poha. It is generally eaten during breakfasts, it would be a perfect choice for all health freaks who value taste.

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Bisi Bele Bhath
A classic dish from the state of Karnataka made to a combination of rice, tur dal and assorted vegetables, the scent of this piquant dish allures takers at all parts of the day.

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Obbattu is a very popular, traditional sweet that is prepared for Ugaadi. It can be prepared using varieties of stuffings like dals, dates, peanuts and so on and is probably the most awaited factor during this festival by many.

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Puran Poli
This is one dish the Maharashtrians cannot do without, especially on festive occasions such as Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi. The sweet take on a dal paratha, the puran poli is a flatbread stuffed with lentils cooked in jaggery.

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Medu Vada
Medu vada is a South Indian breakfast item which is made with rice and urad dal. These vada have a specific shape and can be identified with that. If you visit this part of the country then these vadas are a must try. We can also make it at home following the easy recipe, and if you think you cannot give it the traditional shape, there are different molding machines available in the market.

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Mango Shrikhand
Shrikhand is probably one of the most popular sweet dishes amongst Gujaratis. Thick, creamy and utterly sweet, the shrikhand also has variations. One such variation is the mango shrikhand, also known as the Amrakhand. This is easy to make and is as yummy as them mangoes.

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Aval Payasam
Aval Payasam is a dessert made during the festive occasion of Ugadi in Southern Indian. Flattened rice or poha is cooked in milk and variety of dry fruits are also used in the preparation.

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A typical sweet served prepared for Makara Sankranthi festival, this south-Indian sweet is a perfection concoction of rice powder, jaggery and sesame seeds and the sweetness of it says it all.

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Andhra Rasam
Andhra Rasam is a very popular South Indian recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Andhra Rasam by following this easy recipe.

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Chettinad Mutton Biryani
Chettinad Mutton Biryani Recipe.How to Make Chettinad Mutton Biryani.Prepare Simple and Easy Chettinad Mutton Biryani

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Choco Coconut Laddoos
Choco Coconut Laddoos is a luscious and attractive recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Choco Coconut Laddoos by following this easy recipe.

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Coconut Halwa
Coconut Halwa is a very popular South Indian recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Coconut Halwa by following this easy recipe.

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Rice Rotis
Rice Rotis is a popular rice recipe, perfect for any occasion. Learn how to make/prepare Rice Rotis by following this easy recipe.

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Chana Usal
The Chana Usal is a Maharastrian specialty made with chickpeas. The legumes cooked in a paste of coconut and spices is best eaten with Pav or any other Indian bread. It is usually a popular dish made during Ganesh Chaturthi or Ugadi and is easy to prepare.

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Mango Rice
A dish that is looked by many with confusion, the tangy flavor of the rice coupled with the sweetness of the fruit is a combination that one has to get accustomed to, to love.

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Curd Pachadi
A slight addition of this on your plate of spicy Chicken Biriyani ( a dish prepared using rice, chicken and a few flavors) can be a huge sigh of relief to your palate. It also cools down your system in a significant way.

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Morkuzhambu is a traditional South-Indian dish that is made with butter milk and lots of coconut. This is a typical curry that makes any meal complete and finger licking good.

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Boondi Curry
Boondi Curry is a rich flavored curry preparation from the Andhra cuisine. Learn how to make/prepare Boondi Curry by following this easy recipe.

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Pulihora or chitrannam or lemon rice is a rice dish which has its origin in South India. This colourful dish is one of the best preparations of rice and with the addition of mustard seeds and curry leaves this get the delectable aroma. Peanut is a must in this which gives it a crunch and if you want to enhance the taste you can also add pomegranate seeds to it.

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Neem Pachadi
Fondly eaten on the Tamil New Year's day, the pachadi contains all the tastes a palate can recognize. Sweet, sour, pungent and bitter, the variance of this dish is what makes it special.

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Mango Dal
Mango Dal is a delicious recipe. Learn how to prepare Mango Dal by following this easy recipe.

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Andhra Beerakaya Pachadi
Andhra Beerakaya Pachadi is a delicious dish that make you lip smack. Learn how to make/prepare Andhra Beerakaya Pachadi Recipe by following this easy recipe.

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Neer Dosa
Made purely of rice batter and mixed with coconut, the Neer Dosa, which is a popular dish from Mangalore, is a delightful breakfast dish that is also a stable dish. The flavors of the dosa mixed with spicy Mangalorean curries is drool-worthy.

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