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Banarsi sari and Kanjeevaram sari fashion will never go. Read about Banarsi silk sari & Kanjeevaram silk wedding sari.

Banarasi & Kanjeevaram Always In

Benarsi sarees - They came into popularity during the Mughal times. Since then this Indian fashion sari has witnessed a continuous growth in demand. Not only did it make business in India but gained momentum worldwide. Its classic, ethnic and sleek look sets it apart from others. Banarsi silk sari is popular among women and is widely appreciated. Its designs exhibit Mughal patterns. Banarasi sari in itself contains diverse styles like pure silk (katan), organza with zari work, georgette and shattir. Its major attraction lies in colorful dying of silk fabric. Its designs have the essence of traditional folk. Benarsi sarees often depict scenes of villages, fairs, flowers, dancing monkeys and clouds. Also you can find temple and mosque designs. They come up in all shades.

Kanjeevaram sarees - Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram sarees are the distinguished creations of a small town of Kanchi (Kanchipuram) in Southern India. It is one of the finest and most popular forms of silk in Tamilnadu. It uses a combination of colored threads and also has lot of zari work. Kanjeevaram silk wedding sari is very popular. It mainly comes in bold and bright colors. Its major attractions are the beautiful tribal designs. Now focus is also on contemporary patterns. It has a heavy gauge and is a long lasting style. Not only it has attracted Indians but also luring the Western world. It has become the style of ages from mother to daughter. So, ladies have you explored the beautiful banarsi sari and kanjeevaram sari?