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Sarees come up in a wide range of variety. Read about Indian sari, silk sarees, wedding sari and embroided sari.

Indian Sari

Every region of India has developed its own unique sari style, which differs in terms of fabric and weaving style. The reservoir of sari is simply superb encompassing embroided sari, classy silk sarees and special bridal wedding sari. The exclusive range of Indian Sari includes:

Bandhani - a classic style of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is a handwork, which involves tying and dying of cloth. The sari is tied and died in such a manner that it produces elaborate patterns and designs on the fabric. Rajasthan is a city of beauty and variety.

Kota Doria - it is a traditional style of Rajasthan. They are the creations of small villages of Kota City. This style uses a combination of threads to create fine designs where cotton lends firmness and silk gives airy soft feel.

Banarsi - it is the invention of Banaras City. It is popular among women and is widely appreciated an as exclusive silk sari. Its designs exhibit Mughal patterns. Banarasi sari in itself contains diverse styles like pure silk (katan), organza with zari work, georgette and shattir.

Kanjeevaram silk saree - it is one of the most finest and most popular forms of silk in Tamilnadu. It uses a combination of colored threads and also has lot of zari work. Its major attractions are the beautiful tribal designs. Now focus is also on contemporary patterns. It has a heavy gauge and is a long lasting style.

Orissa Ikat silk sarees - Ikat is a term that means "tied" and as the name suggests, this style uses tie and die process to produce exquisite patterns. It has a heavy gauge with a fine metallic touch. It includes wide temple style borders.

Chanderi sarees - it is a product of Madhya Pradesh. It is an extremely light cloth. Its exclusiveness lies in its simplicity, airy feel, narrow borders and decently designed anchals with buttis.

Paithani sarees - Paithani sarees of Maharashtra, the hub of fashion and style, are hand-woven. They are simple in look with delicate square designed borders and pallus with a peacock design. Kaleidoscope designs are equally popular.

Cotton printed sarees - the sheer varieties available in cotton sarees are just fabulous. It includes batik work, bandhni style, block printing and hand made drawings. These are printed in large metropolitan cities like Bombay and Calcutta.

Cotton handlooms - cotton handlooms provide us with distinctive varieties primarily - Tant, Jamdani and Baluchari Bengal Handloom sarees. These styles are known for their lightness which are a great comfort . its borders exhibit works of delicate silk threadworks. Designs are simple but artistic and unique. Peacocks, floral designs, architectural drawings are major attractions of these handlooms.

Southern saree styles - southern weaves include Pochampalli, Venkatgiri, Gadwal, Guntur, Mangalpuri sarees of Andhra Pradesh, Coimbatore and Chettinad styles of Tamilnadu, Mysore silk of Karnataka. Mysore silk is one of the most popular and finest and purest forms of silk. It is undergoing a makeover with new kasuti embroidery, bandhini designs and with a palette of exciting vibrant colors.