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Explore different types of designer suit fabric. Read about suit fabric material & silk fabric suit.

Designer Suit Fabric

Fashion designers use a variety of designer suit fabric ranging from crisp skin friendly cotton to mushy Chiffon and Georgette to soft velvet and rich silk brocade. Other suit fabric material includes satin and synthetic. Fabric choice depends upon a couple of factors like season, your comfort level, price range and of course most importantly the purpose for which you are shopping. Popular fabrics that have created masterpieces are:

Cotton - The best fabric for summer season. Hassle free, and elegant is a great comfort to wear.

Crepe - This thin fabric is of two types: hard finished Crepe, which is crisp and soft Crepe, which is wavy. It is used in the making of Bridal trousseau and wedding salwar kameez.

Georgette and Chiffon - Georgette is a very lightweight fabric, which is graceful, and at the same time easy to carry. It is usually made up of silk thread. Chiffon, a symbol of firmness, is a very fine fabric just apt for the bold ladies.

Velvet - This material type is just ideal for that soft mushy touch. It is a heavy fabric and looks fabulous in winter season.

Silk - silk fabric suit is evergreen. It has that shine and glamour that's just perfect for the parties. It is soft fabric, which is easy to carry, but requires maintenance.