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Indian Fashion Dupatta

Indian fashion dupatta no more a traditional wear but has entered the arena of fashion world. It is known by varied names like Chunni, Chunari and Odhni. Ideally it was attired by Indian women to bedeck their head while offering prayers in the temple. Even now, the women in rural areas cover their head with a chunaria as a symbol of respect towards elders. The best part of Dupatta is that you can wrap it around with almost every wardrobe whether classic ethnic style or trendy Indo western. In fact ethnic outfits are absolutely incomplete without it.

Dupatta adds grace to the garment. They come up in all bright vibrant colors with beautiful beads and mirror work. When we talk about Dupattas, the first immediate thought that comes to mind is of Lal Dupattas of Rajasthan with elegant tie and die prints popularly known as Laharia. These Lal Dupattas look simply amazing especially on white colored suits.

Boutiques store Dupattas in various fabric types like cotton, silk and Chiffon etc with elaborate designs and prints. Dupatta draping styles have also undergone a major change. Draping style in itself pave way for a new fashion trend to thrive. One way is to wear it over both the shoulders with the middle portion covering chest. Other way is to attire it only on one shoulder. This style requires a proper neat folding of dupatta. The latest trend is to let your Dupatta cum stole hang around between your arms. So, just go about and flaunt your gorgeous looking Dupattas.