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Woman foot jewelry is a great fashion statement. Read about jewelry for your feet and anklets and toe ring for women.

Woman Foot Jewelry

Women embellish their glow through jewels. When it comes to fashion, jewelry commands an equally demanding position as wardrobe and other accessories. Complement your trendy footwear with antique beaded woman foot jewelry. They give that hot and chic look just perfect to flaunt your sexy sandals. Check out the exciting jewelry for your feet. Anklets and toe rings for women have always been in demand.

Traditionally, women chose to wear flexible type anklets known as 'Pajeb' and 'Jhanjhar', which also produce tinkling sound. These days antique designer foot jewelry patterns with intricate designs are hot and happening. Popular kinds consist of adjustable Crystal stretch anklets, delicate Crystal weave anklet just apt for belly dancers, cherry anklets, Locking anklets, Charm anklets, floating ankle bracelets in designs of butterfly, stars, daisy and hearts.

Anklets when complemented with elaborate designed toe rings can do wonders. For the hip hop prom look, pick up Crystal heart toe ring or else you can go in for designs like Palm tree, Princess flower, Itsy bitsy Cherry, cherry toe ring, Enameled crystal ladybug and Silver tone clover toe ring. Women also wear birthstone toe rings apart from the celebrity anklet cum toe ring patterns.

These classic foot ornaments can go with all outfits. In summers, heavy and gaudy look is a total no. You can go in for delicate graceful jewels like pearls, diamonds and other gemstones that give you a smart and cool look. In winters you can attire in gold, as it will go well with heavy fabric and bright vibrant colors.