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Tips about ladies fashion shawl stoles. Read about women pashmina shawls, Kashmir shawls & stoles and women silk scarves.

Ladies Fashion Shawl Stoles

Today, shawl is not just a winter wear, but has become a fashion statement. We have designer ladies fashion shawl stoles influenced by Indo-western style, which are hot and happening. This shawl cum stole is draped around the arms or else wrapped around the neck like a scarf. Initially, shawl was actually attired by women to protect themselves from the clutches of cold winds. Women silk scarves are busy embellishing the necks of urban women.

It was during Mughal times, when weavers were encouraged to create new distinct styles and patterns. It is since then that shawls have been selling like hot cakes giving a boost to the fashion industry. The phenomenon of Shawl is not new. In fact, you can find some references of shawl in religious epics of Ramayana and Vedas. Even Buddist literature made a couple of mentions about shawl. Kashmir, the hub of shawls produces exclusive Pashmina shawls, which look elegant and are a great comfort to wear. Kashmir shawls & stoles are sheer light and damn warm.

The shawls of royal women were made up of rich brocade with studded gemstones on it. Till date, women pashmina shawls are the pride of shawl industry. Cashmere shawls are an equal competitor. Crochet shawl patterns are in vogue. In the making of shawls, our very own ancient tribal designs and embroideries are extensively used. Phulkari designs are no doubt all time favorite. Tapestry shawl, a creation of Dogra period is also in demand. Stitching of shawls creating beautiful motifs and exquisite designs is indeed an art. So, women go about flaunting your classic style Pashmina shawl and make your own distinctive fashion style.